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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To Do List

There are so many things that I want to do and things I HAVE to do, and I'm not making much progress anywhere. In January I thought I'd read 60 books this year, and I bet I don' t read 40. I want to get my shop going and I don't find time to sew. I want to play outside with my son but I end up doing dishes instead. I've made a real effort to blog more (have you noticed?) and I think I'm getting that habit down, but some things are just slipping away. Having that second child really eats up a lot more of my time. (Yeah, it should have been obvious, but it wasn't.) I need motivation and accountability, so to that end, I'm posting my To Do list here. Be sure to ask me about it later, 'k?

  1. Remind your blog readers that you are giving away The Thirteenth Tale on Sunday so they better put their name in the hat if they are interested. (Hey look, an item I can cross off now!)
  2. Finish Cry Wolf by Sunday.
  3. Update blog lists.
  4. Clean off cutting table. (This should really be a post with pictures. It would be much more motivating if you saw it now!)
  5. Put the fabric scraps and ribbons IN the bin instead of ON the bin.
  6. Swap the pile of random crap that is on top of the cabinet for the set of drawers that are in the cabinet, thus hiding the mess. Duh. This makes so much more sense.
  7. Clean the accumulated wrong-size clothing out of the Bug's room. (Really, this should read "stop using the Bug's room as a handy dumping ground.")
  8. Quilt the quilt I'm gonna put in the shop.
  9. Start cutting the special secret project that I want done by Christmas. (REALLY wish I could share this one with you guys, I'm so excited!)
  10. Start making stockings for Christmas.

Ok, 10 is enough. I don't wanna overwhelm myself right off the bat. If you're still reading.. what's #1 on your To Do list this week?


  1. Weekly to-do lists would be horrendous for me, but I do generally have a daily to-do. Today's:

    Change bedlinen, wash towels, the boy's laundry, prepare stew for tomorrow's dinner, prepare listing for selling some baby stuff on local website, and oh god, I feel like the last thing on my list was something important. And I can't remember what it was. Good luck on your list!

  2. The main thing on my to do list this week is to survive the book fair over at the school. Going well so far, but we just opened yesterday!

  3. My week this week is full of phone calls. Call this place to schedule soccer party. Call another place to schedule same soccer party. Call first place to cancel said soccer party. How come no one has an opinion until after the party is booked? Call Doctor. Call photographer about soccer pictures. I have been on the phone a ton this week.

    Oh, and get ready for our camping trip this weekend in Auburn. War Eagle!

  4. Michelle, hope you remembered the something important!

    suey, I always loved the book fair. I can still picture the big color coded shelves on wheels!

    gina, I hate the phone. HATE the phone. And yet, all day long at work, I am on the phone.

  5. I love lists. Unfortunately, I need them to function so when I don't have the time to make them, then nothing gets done or it is done in a very frenetic way. Which of course totally stresses me out.

    On another note... The Thirteenth Tale is an awesome book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. I love making lists, but not to do lists. I tend to ignore them even if I do them. Haha. I do wish you luck with yours. There are a number of things I need to do . . . I probably should get the spare bedroom in order for the company that's coming this weekend. My TBR books will have a roommate for a couple of days.

  7. I have to clean the apt for visitors this weekend. Then I have to make some time this weekend to read my book club selection as book club in next tuesday....why oh why do I wait soooo long.

  8. I'm more motivated with to do lists as well--but sometimes it stresses me out to see everything down on paper (Have I mentioned how high strung I am??) :) homemade stockings!! I still cherish the ones my mom made for us when we are little (they are still used).

  9. Trish, the stockings on this list are little ornament sized ones that I'll use to gift tags. BUT- My stocking the same one I've used my entire life, made by my grandmother. I made my spouses our first Christmas and I made the Pirate's his first Christmas and IT DIDN'T EVEN OCCUR TO ME until you posted that I need to make the buggy one this year! So thank you!

    I think.
    *Adds item to TO DO list*

  10. Oh no! i didn't mean to add to your To Do List! :) But ya--Bug's gotta have a stocking, too!

  11. How are you doing on your to do list? (You did ask us to ask you later.)

  12. I did 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8. The quilt is quilted, just needs the binding.

    Then TRISH came along and reminded me that the Bug needed a stocking. Does Bitty still need one? While I'm making... if you don't mind if Bitty and my Bug have the same, or similar, stockings...


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