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Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm Fabulous!

The Fabulous Ti has given me the Your Blog is Fabulous award. Her instructions say I'm supposed to list five blogs that are new to me that I think are fabulous. I'm just listing the first five new blogs I notice on my list, because if you aren't fabulous I unsubscribe. Also, go visit Ti, k? Her blog header makes me yearn for vacation, how much would I like to be in that chair?

birdsandtrees- Her pictures of everyday items are terrific.

Willy-Nilly- a crafty blog. If I could sneak into her house and steal her fabric I'd think I died and went to heaven. Thankfully, I don't know where she lives.

Quilt Dad- I think the name says it all. I tried to tell Mike that sewing was like carpentry- all about math and angles and creating. He doesn't buy it. Yet.

lovely little handmades- Another crafty blog. I found this one through a giveaway and immediately added it to my reader.

The Book Smugglers- sneaking books into their homes so their buying habits don't get noticed. I can relate.

Babbling about Books, and More
- she read 28 books in February! TWENTY-EIGHT!

Ok, that's six, but I can't decide who to cut, so I'm leaving it.



  1. I agree with Ti - your blog is fabulous!

  2. You can come over anytime! I'll put the kettle on and we'll drink tea in my closet with the fabric!

  3. You are fabulous, Lisa! And very deserving of this award. :-)

  4. Quilting like carpentry, huh? I think I spent more time on my dang templates than the actual sewing! I always loved geometry.

    Congrats on the award. I think you're fabulous, too.


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