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Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Friday

-Is that love? The Bug isn't so sure.

- The read-a-thon kicked my butt well into Tuesday. I'm still glad I did it but zzzzzzzz. I haven't wanted to blog much either, and still have three reviews to write up.

- I have UNsubscribed to at least a dozen blogs in the last week. The common denominator? All of them had partial feeds. I've been ruthless. I think there are only 3 or 4 left that I intend to save. There may be more that just haven't been noticed yet.

- It was beautiful and sunny in the upper 70s here for two days in a row. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow again, but hopefully only an inch or so.

-Last night I made popcorn for the Pirate on the stove, in part due to this post at Salt and Chocolate and this one at Soulemama. (If you aren't reading those blogs, you should be.) When I poured it out of the pan I burnt the hell out of my arm exactly where you arm rests on your desk if you're typing with lazy posture.

-Did you know you could subscribe to people's flickr streams in Google Reader?

-I made two more custom banners. They are seriously cute, if I say so myself. Now I need time in the sewing room to make some other things. Speaking of the sewing room, I sew in the basement. There are no windows and it's a pretty dark room. I almost have the layout just right- if only my cutting table were square or rectangular instead of round- but I need a way to make it more fun. I'm thinking paint. Anyone know a good color of paint for a windowless basement?

-I'm having some spacing issues with blogger (again), please excuse me if this post is super long and full of white space!



  1. I say it is love!!! It's gorgeous here too!

  2. I noticed that Blogger was not cooperating well, too. Grrrr...

    Cute "lovey" picture! He looks, well, miserable.

    I think you should paint your basement walls a buttery yellow- I did that in our living room and during our looooong cold winters, it does feel a little more sunshiny. I heard somewhere that the Victorians always painted their porch/entry ceilings pale blue to mimic the sky... not sure if you'd want to go THAT far, but I do like our yellow living room.

  3. YELLOW!!! It's the happiest color I can think of. My house before we moved had lots of yellow paint (my choice) and I miss it. We're in a rental and probably will be forever so our walls are sterile and without any hangings. Hate it!! I've been unsubscribing to a lot of blogs lately, too. And then subscribing to others. It's a constant thing. I HATE partial feeds and am glad that none of the blogs I have in my reader have partial feeds. Is that a gimmick to get people to click over to your site to up your stats? Damn stats.

    I'm taking a half day at work today to hopefully blow off some steam. I'm seriously about to have a break down. :D

  4. Yellow seems to be a favorite. Our main living areas and our bedroom are a sandy yellow gold color. It's not a "cheery" yellow, more of a nice neutral. I love a particular creamy yellow, but it's so hit or miss!

    (Our kitchen is orange, The pirate's room is apple green, the bugs room is tan and brown, in case you wondered!)

    I hope your half day works wonders, Trish.

  5. Bug would probably enojoy the hug more if the Pirate's arms wasn't wrapped around his entire head. LOL. Trying to get Bug's attention was he?

    Those Banners. Seriously cute. That's an understatement.

    I'm so sorry you are sporting a war wound from your popcorn adventure. After reading those two posts I want to make popcorn too.

  6. I cannot deal with partial feeds. They are like death to me.

  7. We have a couple of rooms that are sort of a yellow/gold that I really like. And about the blogs - I know it annoys me if I can't read them in my feedburner! (I had to go back and look at mine to make sure it wasn't set up as a partial feed!)

  8. Oh....SO CUTE!! I think it's love!

    Not a huge fan of yellow. I'm all about the bold, dark colors. But without windows, you definitely need something lighter....

    I've noticed a lot less posting this week. Figured it was all about the read-a-thon!

  9. What cute kiddos!!

    My living room and dining room are both yellow and it does seem happy to me! :)

    It does seem that the read-a-thon makes people want to take a little blogging break for a while, which is totally understandable after 24 hours of reading and blogging. I hope you are caught up on your sleep now!

  10. I hate partial feeds too. I weeded quite a few of them out of my reader awhile back as well. I have similar photos of Elliot and Joshua like that - Joshua never looks impressed. I think it's funny though, so I keep taking those photos :)


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