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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: 3 pm. One finished, and a challenge

I finished my first book! I took the rest of the hour off to celebrate and did the following mini-challenge from The Curious Reader:

  1. What is the name of your local library? What city is it located in? The Rapid City Public Library, in Rapid City.
  2. How often do you go to the library? If you're a regular, do the staff know you? Every couple of weeks, more often if holds come in. No, the staff are pretty unfriendly.
  3. Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve? I always browse the new releases, and occasionally the YA. I rarely browse the stacks unless I'm already back there for something specific.
  4. What is your favorite thing about your local library? The COFFEE SHOP.
And my stats for hour 9:

Minutes read: 33
Pages read: 44
Total minutes reading:292
Total pages read: 312
Books completed: 1 (Gimme Shelter)
Minutes online: 27
Minutes nursing: 0
Minutes doing kid stuff: 0
Minutes lost: none!
Drinks consumed: 0
Food eaten: 0

Hey! I finished my first book! I'm a bit sad that it took me 9 hours of read-a-thon to do it! I've read for 292 minutes, which is what? almost 5 hours? I think I'm going to move on to something quicker next. I'll review the book itself later this week.

I think I'm due for a little pick me up, soda or Twizzlers maybe. The boys will be awake soon, and I'm sure my afternoon reading will slow down even more until after the Bug goes to bed. Even just reading one book in a day is a big deal lately, so if I stop now it's still a success. (No, I'm not stopping now. But I might shower.)



  1. You have a coffee shop IN your library? Oh man I'm missing out.

  2. Great work! It's always so much fun to finish a book.

  3. Congratulations, lots of people seem to be finishing their first book this hour so you're not alone.

  4. Its too bad you have unfriendly staff to deal with at your library - but at least you have a coffee shop to make up for it!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congrats on finishing your book, that's very exciting. Good luck with the rest of the RAT!


  6. I'd say 5 hours for a book is pretty good. I've been working on the same one FOREVER and probably won't finish until the halfway point. Boo! You're doing great, though. Why haven't you eaten anything??

  7. Hey you finished a book! That's great!

  8. Great job on completing your first book. Keep it up

  9. Finishing a book IS a big deal - congrats! Keep it up!!

  10. An unfriendly library staff? How sad is that!!


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