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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: 6pm Halfway

Totals for hours 10 -12

Minutes read: 87
Pages read: 110
Total minutes reading:346
Total pages read: 378
Books completed: 2 (Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams and A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg)
Minutes online: I don't know
Minutes nursing: 0
Minutes doing kid stuff: a lot
Minutes lost:
Drinks consumed: 1 Diet Mountain Dew
Food eaten: Twizzlers, Homemade Burger and fries
Trips to the store: 1

In the last 3 hours I've managed to read the last 66 pages of A Homemade Life, bringing my total completed up to 2. I didn't read the entire book today, which kinda feels like cheating, but ah well. I'm not sure what's next, probably something fiction. There's a couple more hours before the boys are in bed, then just the challenge of staying awake. I'm having a blast though, and hope everyone else is too.



  1. Cheating shmeating. :) I was already 30 pages into The Outsiders, but I don't care. :P

    Yay Halfway!!!!

    You have fun yet? :D

  2. You're doing great! Keep it up.

  3. I began the day 1/2 through a book too! You are doing a great job. Happy reading.

  4. You are doing great! I can't believe that you are able to do this with two kids.. I am so impressed. And finishing a book counts no matter when you started it. Keep reading :)

  5. I wouldn't worry about cheating! It is whatever works for you! Good luck on the second half!

  6. My kids are going down in 5 min. Woot!

    I am switching books because the one's that I am reading are good, but not riveting and I need a page turner to keep going.


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