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Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Friday

Seriously, BEST PICTURE EVER. The baby isn't paying attention to me at all and the four year old is being a spazz. People, this is my life. (I framed this one for the center of the mantel.)

How do you guys feel about the blogs where you comment and comment and comment, and you really enjoy the blog, but they NEVER reply to your comments either on the post or in email? I understand that people are busy and can't comment often, but I mean the people who NEVER do. The ones who have never come back to comment even once on your blog either. (I'm sure I'm guilty of this, but I try very hard to make it around or comment in email or SOMETHING.)

Our mailbox had to be repaired for the fourth time in five years. Something different has happened to it every time. I think it is jinxed.

I would really like to use my Twitter account more, but when??
I'm reading The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, it's quite good. (Janssen, he just passed. Awesome scene. I hope that's enough to share my excitement in the scene without giving it away!)
The Firemen in our town are collecting money for charity this weekend. They are hanging out at the grocery stores and in major intersections with empty firefighter boots for us to put money in. I think they intentionally put the (MIKE LOOK AWAY) hot ones out there!

Garden Update: A Strawberry started to turn red so the Pirate picked it and took a big bite. Not surprisingly, it wasn't ripe. Pumpkin plant is huge, zucchini is following suit. The onions got drowned and I bet they don't make it and the okra is faltering. Everything else looks nice and healthy.


  1. I almost DIED at that scene. Ah, Wes, I love you.

    And yeah, no response ever? I finally just will generally give up. I'll either stop reading the blog or just read and not comment because, well, what's the point?

  2. LOVE the picture.

    As for comments - I really make an effort to respond to all commenters on my posts. I always appreciate when comments are acknowledged so I try to do so. I rarely respond via email though.

  3. Oh I love it! Your kids are too cute. I'm so jealous you have a garden. And I love that you respond back all the time. You rock!

  4. Just the other day I dropped a number of blogs from my reader because they either never reply to my comment or they have not once visited my blog. People are busy but come on, so am I. It's RUDE! Throw a dog a bone once in awhile. GEESH!

    Hot firemen? That would get money out of me for sure.

    This is out of order but I love that pic of your kids.

  5. Love the picture - I remember those days!

    Are you talking about me? LOL!
    I try to comment to comments on my blog but I know I am very, very bad at it. If my life gets busy I tend to forget. Because of this, I'm also very, very forgiving. I don't expect anyone to comment on my blog, but then I don't "officially" follow anyone - I read my favorites when I have time and I have a whole list of blogs in my favorites. I won't drop people from my list of favorite places to visit if they never visit me or never comment. I will drop them if they aren't reading books that interest me and haven't for quite awhile.(Oh, and I did just drop someone last week because her page took forever to load with all the extras in the sidebar.)

  6. I'm pretty sure you're not talking about me (I hope!), although I'm sure some people have said that about me. I comment less than I used to, and I can't seem to keep up with replying to comments on my blog, but I try to leave a comment on most of the blogs in my reader at least once a week. Although I know there are some I don't get to. Plus, some people are easier to comment to. You seem to be one of them. :-)

    And that picture is just great!

  7. The Truth About Forever is my sister's favorite book. I have an unfounded dislike of Sarah Dessen and all books that are in that genre, but my sister loves them. I convinced her to read some of my favorite, more "literary," books this summer, and she's having me read this one instead. I'm glad you like it, it makes me at least a little more confident I will too :)

    Also, that picture is adorable!


  8. Fab picture. Your boys are so cute.

  9. Kim, Keris, thanks for thinking the boys are cute! I think so too.

    Also, I hope I didn't come off as too witchy with the comment comment! It does not apply to ANY of you!

  10. Oh NO! You're so talking about me, aren't you? I feel really bad. You know, I have your email in my inbox about my Sigh post from ages ago and I feel bad everytime I look at it. I have this weird thing about putting off writing long emails. And I keep meaning to go back to responding to comments on my blog but I start for a few days and then something happens and it takes forever to get back into it. I really should do what you do because you find the time and you must be really busy with so many commitments. I must do better at this. I really must, so I'm sorry..

    That really is a great picture. I love the expression on The Pirate's face. HA!

  11. What is your twitter ID? I just signed up this week as I_Bibliophile. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use it. I used to feel insulted on blogs where people didn't reply to my comments. Now it seems I never remember to go back and check to see if they replied. I wish their was a function to track where you've commented (sometimes i follow the comments by email). I hope I haven't turned into one of those people that don't return comments. We bought a house this month and I've gotten lazy about comments. love the new blog look!

  12. I love this shot and the new look to the blog...looks great.

    I generally don't go back for responses, but if I want to check for a response I will subscribe to the comments...if they don't respond...I'm pretty much over it.

    I figure I just read the posts I want and comment when I want.

  13. Thanks Serena, I shouldn't let it bother me. Somehow it does.

  14. One that isn't paying attention and one that is a spazz? Seems like a mixture of my personality! If you don't mind them, we'd probably get along just fine. ;)


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