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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Winner of the TBR Contest!

Turnout for the TBR contest was a bit limited, even with a couple of weeks for you all to play along! I KNOW you all have piles of books, I think perhaps you're all too chicken to show them!

There were 7 entries. (Man, I hope I get the right pictures with the right person!)

First up was Jill at Fizzy Thoughts. Jill got new bookshelves so hers are all nice and pretty.

Then Blondierocket threw her hat in the ring, with a great tour of her TBR. She posted several pictures, but I'm only posting the top one because it starts with Gone with the Wind.

Ti showed up with a provocatively titled stack of books. Do not ask what she keeps in that basket!

Lori L played along, her double stacked shelves made me feel a little better about myself.

Fifth was Michelle, who claimed not to want to enter, but since she has kids who might like a banner, I entered her anyway. Michelle has kids the same age as mine, so I was not surprised to find her books living out of reach in the garage. This is one shelf.

Next came TRISH. Now you all know I lurve Trish. So I hope you won't hold it against me when I poke fun at her makeshift shelves. Oh, ok she has nice ones too.

Last up was Mercy's Maid, who was so excited about the contest she took the picture with her phone!

Now, I didn't want to use a boring random number generator. I wanted something fun and exciting to pick the winner. But I couldn't think of anything fun and exciting and I'm already a day late, so... I asked my friend Gina for some help...
Here's how the coversation went:

8:13 AM me: Can you do me a favor?

Gina: iyes

me: Pick a number between 1 and 7...

8:14 AM Gina: 6 oh wait...i wasn't supposed to tell you?

me: No, you just picked the winner of my contest.

Gina: ah I am the great random # picker no one ever picks 1

me: You know I'm gonna blog this conversation, right?

8:15 AM Gina: yeah

me: And I didn't set you up in advance, right?

8:16 AM Gina: right It was totally on the up and up.

8:17 AM me: Cause you picked TRISH !

Congratulations TRISH!
You win! Let me know if you want a banner for yourself, your sweet new niece, or your favorite team. OR if you'd like two books off my Paperbackswap shelves (or two credits).


  1. Great wrap up! And congrats to Trish!!

  2. Congratulations to Trish! I laughed out loud over the boxes for her make-shift bookshelves!

  3. Congrats Trish!

    Darn that Gina. LOL. "Darn" is not what I said at first but since she is your friend and all, I kept it clean. A first!

  4. Congrats, Trish!

    I love your makeshift shelves from boxes. Here it was I thought I was the only one who did that! LOL!

  5. Oh shoot, I really meant to enter this, but it was the whole taking a photo, finding my cord, uploading thing that held me back. In reality, I don't have a TBR pile, though. I don't often buy books for myself, because I don't reread fiction. Also, I'm really messy, so my books are everywhere. The 7th Harry Potter is sitting on my kitchen table (someday I will read it). The Book Thief is lying by my bed (have started it). A couple of others are on my bedroom floor. I was going to take a photo of the shelf I recently started for books for the little guy to read someday -- things that were gifted to us or from used book sales like Charlotte's Web, Tales of Peter Rabbit, etc. Anyway, your banners are adorable.

  6. Ha! Thanks for entering me anyway! I only said not to enter me because then I'd either have to choose which of the boys would get a great banner or buy a second one off you fpr the other boy (which is a great idea, but have no money!!) Another day, I'm sure..

    Love seeing other people's books. I was thinking, hmm, everyone's else's books look so tidy.. and then I saw Trish's with her funny makeshift shelves! Ahahaha :) Hilarious. Glad she won, she deserves a treat for showing us all those shelves-made-out-of-boxes.

  7. I just want everyone to know that I have since replaced those boxes with a brand new shiny bookshelf from Target ($16!!!!!!). And yes, Lisa is the one who pointed me in the direction after seeing my sad state of shelving.

    Bad news is, all three shelves are now full (immediately after setting it up), so now I'm back to the paper boxes.

    Is there some type of 12-step program for bookaholics??

    Oh, and how many letters do I get?

    T-E-X-A-S A-&-M A-G-G-I-E-S


    I guess just A-G-G-I-E-S



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