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Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Friday, pre-Read-a-thon

I took the Bug for his 15 month check up today. Granted, he's 18 months, but better late than never! At his 12 month when they gave him his shots he passed out. This time he barely even cried. For those who are curious, he's 23 lbs (20th%) and 33 inches tall (70th%).

Our internet at work is messed up. This really put a kink in my plans to clear out my Google Reader before the Read-a-Thon tomorrow. New plan is to just clear out the bookish ones! This is also why this is so late in posting. And speaking of Google Reader, I have had a couple new people show up in my section of people who I see their shared items. I LOVE that! I want to see everyone's shared items! If you know an easy way to add people, please let me know.

Plans for the Read-a-thon continue, however sketchy. Mike is sick AND will be at work both days. The Bug has started to cough. It is supposed to rain so kicking them into the backyard is not an option. And now we have an unavoidable birthday party on Saturday night. I'll do my best, but will be absent a good bit. I did stop at the library and picked up two more hold books to add to my stack. I'll post an entire stack post first thing in the morning.

There was a dead snake in my dining room last night!

Reminder: Every comment you leave before November 1st enters you into my anniversary contest! There will be some nice handmade goodies as well as a couple bookish goodies in the prize bag, so comment comment comment.

Shop Update: I listed two new backpacks in the shop this week as well as the lovely banner pictured above (it says "be thankful) (Also, that's what color my kitchen walls are!) Go check 'em out. This week I experimented with a little zippered wallet as well and you can defininately expect to see some of those showing up soon, and at a decent price.

What are you plans for the weekend? Are you Read-A-Thoning? If not, why not? Do you think the HUNDREDS of us that signed up are insane? (I kinda do!) If you are, are you planning an early bedtime tonight?


  1. I'd like to know an easy way to subscribe to people's shared items as well. The only way I know how to do it is if I see their shared items in their sidebar and I subscribe.

    Wait . . . okay. Checking. If you go to sharing settings, you can find people's shared items by email address. A bit tedious. But maybe that way?

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your boys. :( And that snake-eek! Good luck with tomorrow. :)

  3. Dead snake?? Ewwwwwwwwww.

    I hope the readathon works out for you!!

  4. Oh my gosh! I would have had a heart attack if I saw a dead snake in my house! Did an animal drag it in? Do what you can with the read-a-thon and have fun with it.

  5. Good luck getting in a few minutes of reading during the 'athon. Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon.

  6. I had some sharing this week as well, but I figured it was because I've been emailing more with my gmail. ?

    A bunch of sick boys?? NOOOOO! Maybe Mike will call in sick. Wait,that might be worse. :P

    Anyway, whatever happens tomorrow--just don't stress. Keep it fun. Do what you can.

  7. I don't know what's up with the shared items. As far as I know of, I have never shared an item, or offered my nonexistant shared items to anyone, and yet, people have subscribed ot them. I don't get it...I've hidden all the shared items that have come at me from others. I'm not big on them yet I guess.

    I hope things go well for you this weekend!

  8. I'm "read-a-thoning," but will probably end up being absent as well. I can't help but feel guilty when yard work needs to be done and I have a perfectly good Saturday to do it!

  9. Hm, a snake in the house is not something I have had to deal with... Living or dead!

    Good luck finding time to read tomorrow! Have fun, in any case, whatever you end up doing!

  10. I'm going to "cheerlead" for the readathon and host a mini challenge tomorrow night (prize is a small ebay gift cert). Wow, I can't believe your son hardly cried getting his vaccines! My son wails like he's being stabbed the moment he hits the little office. Snake, yikes!

  11. Good luck with the readathon. I can't imagien trying to pull it off with hubby at work and no where to send the kids to play. You're a better man than I, Charlie Brown. ;-)

  12. I'd have died if I'd found a dead snake in my living room. Seriously.


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