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Friday, November 06, 2009

More Random Friday than usual

It has been a long week.

Yesterday was the Bug's EEG. It went really smoothly, except for the insane crabbiness of a sleep deprived one year old. He would trip over lint and then cry like I cut off his hand. (Cutting off of hands are a theme at our house. Have you seen Star Wars?) He is sleeping in the picture, doesn't he look so little?!

My inbox has exploded lately. I can't find the time to respond to everyone who is leaving such thoughtful nice comments about my Worst Week Ever. If you asked something specific, I will try to get back to you. Otherwise, thank you. The Bug seems to be doing fine, we should know something more in a few days.

I have won a few things lately. A Joshua Bell CD from Just Pure Lovely/ Freely Educate, which I can't WAIT to get, and a scarf and workout video (Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body ) from T Minus, T Plus. No, I haven't tried the video yet.

Which brings me to the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge. I AM SO FAR BEHIND.

I have read two great Nora Roberts romances in the last week or two. I was never a huge fan but have completely fallen for both of these. Reviews soon.

In all the excitement Sunday, I totally and completely forgot about my anniversary giveaway. So I decided to extend it another month. I'll drawn a winner of my little gift pack from ALL the blog comments between September 1st and December 1st. Sorry to leave you hanging.

I recently put on a pair of pants I'd bought on clearance last summer and they fit. Not only did they fit, they are the best pants ever. If you sew, and you know of a basic pants pattern with a side zipper, please tell me what pattern it is! I think I can trace off the awesome pants, but I'd like a little guidance on assembly.

Whew. I think that's it. What have I missed in the world this week?


  1. Oh my goodness, Lisa! He certainly looks little there! Would it be inappropriate to say that your little Bug looks adorable? He looks like he's wrapped in a comfy cocoon.

    I hope you get some answers soon and everything's okay. You're all in my thoughts.


  2. That picture is just heartbreaking. You are a very strong woman! I hope the results come back quickly and everything is okay.

  3. That picture is absolutely heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you and your family as this can't be easy. Keep us updated please!!!

  4. Whenever kids are in the hospital or getting a medical procedure they always looks so tiny and vulnerable. It's the wires and the swaddling or something.

    When my daughter at the age of 15 months aspirated a fuse bead, she had to be hospitalized for 48hours while we waited for a pediatric ENT to do the procedure. Her oxygen levels plummeted as she developed an infection at the bead site in her lung. Anyway, it was the longest 48 hours ever!

    I am so glad the Bug is done with the testing.

  5. The picture is heartbreaking my little one had to be hospitalized soon after birth and that picture brings back the feelings I had at the time.

    I hope you get the answers you need. My thoughts are with you and the Bug.



  6. Oh - that picture scared me to pieces. I think I missed something along the way. I'm praying for you and Bug, too, but Mom's usually have the worst time of it.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Christine, he was pretty cute there. It didn't occur to me to connect "bug" and "cocoon" until you said that. He was also pretty cute in a grumpy sleep deprived way.

    Goddess, I think half my strength comes from all the good wishes of my online friends, so thanks.

    sam, I will definitely keep posting, thanks for keeping up.

    Ti, I am also very glad it's done!

    John, thanks for stopping by! The Pirate was in the NICU at RCRH for a week when he was born, it was awful. I don't wish that on anyone. I hope your little one is good now. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I hope everything is okay when you get the test results! Have a good weekend!

  9. He looks so peaceful but yet it is also scary looking. Hope the doctors are able to get you an answer soon and that everything is fine.

  10. I hope your little bug will be fine!

  11. Awww, we never want to see our kids in situations like that, but I hope you get the answers you need soon, and it's something easily treatable. Poor kiddo and mom. (This hasn't been the easiest week for us either, but nothing as bad as yours. Just the asthma ER thing, and the night we were racing out the door to the ER I spotted a mouse in the house, which has proceeded to run from room to room scaring the bejesus out of me all week. But, we caught him, had the whole house inspected/treated today, and the little guy is all better, so hopefully life is on the up and up. I hope the same is true for you.

  12. Aww the bug looks so little!! At least he looks cozy. Give him a huge hug and kiss for all of us. You are such a lucky mom to have some great kids.

    I'm so so behind on my 100 mile challenge too. Arg ;)

  13. He looks so little and helpless there! As for the 100 mile challenge, surely you walked a lot in pacing back and forth at the hospital, no? :-) I hope this coming week balances the crazy teeter-totter and after that everything stays on an even keel.

  14. Just checking in to see how every one is feeling. I hope much better.

  15. Oh my gosh, the picture of the Bug just breaks my heart. I'm praying you'll hear great news.

  16. Oh, Lisa. What a little sweetie! He looks so tiny. I certainly hope everything works out ok.

  17. Honestly that photo is so sad. He looks so little, I almost feel like crying.

    I do hope everything checks out well.

  18. Bug does look as if he is "wrapped in a comfy cocoon." I like Christine's way of looking at it, seeing him in such a positive way. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

  19. Poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon. He has more wires connected to him than my son when he was in the ER/ICU. I hope the tests turn out great. I'm not looking forward to our baby's tests later this month.

  20. I just read about your scare with Bug. We had several little medical incidents with my youngest and it was worrying, but now he is a healthy and thriving 11-year-old. I hope that this will soon be a distant memory for you.


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