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Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Friday, again.

I apparently needed a little blog break as I haven't really blogged since last Friday. I seem to have lost my rhythm and it's hard to get back to it. I haven't visited a lot of blogs this week either, which you think would lead to more time doing other things, but it hasn't. I still have a few reviews in my head to write, hopefully I can get them written this weekend so that next week isn't as quiet around here.

We made TRISH's Coconut Oatmeal cookies. They are awesome.

I laid out my squares for a certain baby's Christmas present quilt. Go look, tell me if you think any of them are in the "wrong" place. Or if you use flickr you can look at it there and leave notes.
One of the features on the Etsy blog is a weekly post called "Quit Your Day Job" that features a seller that did just that. This week's was really nice to read for some unidentifiable reason.

I have to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it.

I have to leave my house for work today in 38 minutes. I am not dressed. The boys are both still sleeping. This is not looking good. What is your morning routine? Do you have to rush every morning? Does everything work like clockwork? What time do you have to be out the door? How many people do you have to get ready? Come on, make me feel better about my chaos! (My morning: get up, slack online until I realize OMG I ONLY HAVE 32 MINUTES LEFT! Then run around like mad woman. Be sure to budget in a good 15 minutes for "gently reminding" the Pirate to GET DRESSED ALREADY!!)

And on that note, have a good weekend!


  1. I remember the days of rushed mornings! They will pass, in time.

  2. You would feel so much better if you saw my mornings...I have a routine, but no matter what one of my three girls has some type of problem, or doesn't want to cooperate, or get out bed, or can't go to daycare unless she has Curious George underwear on....I could go on and on.

  3. I get The Boy ready for school. It takes forever to wake him up and for him to get dressed. So, sometimes we are rushed depending on how long it takes me to get out of bed in the morning. :) The mornings feel rushed, but I don't think they really are comparatively. After he leaves, then it is on to getting Bitty and I ready to "face the day" which sometimes even happens after lunch and nap.

  4. The quilt is beautiful. All of the squares seem well placed and perfect.

    I complain about my morning routine but I am one of those where it goes like clockwork. Here's what my morning looks like:

    I wake at 4:30am to shower and dress.

    I blow dry my hair.

    I wake son up at 5am to shower and dress.

    I get daughter up (who bathed the night before) and drag her down the stairs.

    I put food in front of her. She eats, albeit slowly.

    While she eats, I eat.

    Son stumbles down. I put food in front of him. He eats.

    I pack my lunch. Kids buy their lunch.

    I check backpacks.

    I come hair. They brush teeth.

    Hub comes down when it is all done and then takes them to daycare.

    I am out the door at 6am.

    They are out the door at 6:30.

    I do that every single day. No wonder I am tired! Then when I get to work I exercise. It's the only time I can.

  5. I meant comb of course. My fingers are ice cold and typing is difficult this morning.

  6. Hello Lisa – I hope you don’t mind me popping in! I’m a British author and a fellow Bookblogs member and my next novel, Thaw, will be published online next year after its physical publication. I wanted to invite you (and your readers) to participate in my Blogsplash - there’s more information at Thanks for listening!

  7. Sounds normal. Now it isn't the children; it is the dogs or... Doesn't matter what time I try to get ready to go somewhere; someone will pull into the driveway and block my car.

  8. I have no kids, so it's just me trying to convince myself to get up and walk on the treadmill. Then I shower, do my hair, get dressed, pack my breakfast and lunch, and leave at 6:30. Okay, somedays it's more like 6:40.

    Eating breakfast at work is my timesaver.

  9. Hey, sometimes life just swings a certain way and blogging and blog hopping gets put on the back burner. That happens to me rather regularly so you're not alone. It always pleases me, though, however long I've stepped away from blogging, as soon as I make that first post, someone leaves a comment. That's such a nice feeling.

    My morning routines aren't that stressful these days as my girls are older now (10 and 14), so they are very good at getting themselves ready. The 10 year old is quite cranky and sometimes difficult to get out of bed, but after that things run smoothly. I set my alarm for 7 am and by 8:40 am the family morning routine is over and I'm off to the gym for an hour of 'me' time. I spend my mid day doing chores with an hour or two reading or blogging. The busiest part of my day is between 3 pm - 10 pm when the girls are home from school, activities, dinner, homework, more chores, etc...

  10. It sounds like a stressful morning! I only have me to get ready generally, but if me and the guy are going somewhere my head usually hurts by the time we get out the door. I don't know who said women take longer to get ready than men, but men are slow!

  11. Ha!! I have two sleepy-head children who never want to wake up for school. I can relate!

  12. My morning routine wouldn't make you feel any better, since I just have to take care of myself. Well, that's not *exactly* true. Getting the dogs fed and collared sometimes feels daunting early in the morning! :)

  13. LOL, I'm sorry to say that our morning routine generally runs like clockwork. Then again, the kids are 11 and 13, so they're pretty well trained to get up, take the dogs out for their morning, eat breakfast, and hit the road to school. I am not always so disciplined, which means I end up with hair in a bun, no makeup, and boring outfits. Oh well! At least I'm rested. ;)

  14. I personally am never late however we Shibas have learned to hide in our crates when she starts moving really fast around the house because she will either trip over us or step on our toes.

    Both are painful.

    The Woman has issues with promptness.

  15. I am sorry that your mornings are so hectic. Even when Caden is going to school, he is easy to get up and get ready. I have been lucky. BUT I have an only child and he is 15. He starts back to school in January and it will be rough for him to go bed at night and get up early. He is doing online school and he sleeps til 11 am and then I have to get him up. Hope your mornings go more smoothly.


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