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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty in Ink by Karen E Olson

Pretty In Ink: A Tattoo Shop MysteryPretty In Ink: A Tattoo Shop Mystery by Karen E Olson is the second book in the series that began with The Missing Ink: A Tattoo Shop Mystery, which I read last year as part of the Read-a-thon. I put Pretty in Ink on hold at the library pretty much as soon as I heard the title, and it finally came in last week. (Or was it the week before? I don't remember.)  I only had a one week check-out on it so I got started right away.

In this installment, Brett, the owner of The Painted Lady tattoo shop, is pulled into the investigation of the death of  drag queen that had recently been tattooed at her shop. One of her employees goes missing, people get very sick, another drag queen dies, and Brett is in the middle of it all. Like the last one, there is plenty of good tattoo shop talk, plus the return of some of my favorite characters including a rival tattoo shop owner.

However, there were a couple of points in the book where I felt that Brett, who is presented as a smart woman, was taking a turn towards Stephanie Plum land. It just felt like she did a few stupid things that any smart woman would know was going to look really bad when the cops found out. She eventually pulled out of it, but I think this caused my enjoyment of it to go down just a bit. I'm still planning to read whatever comes next for Brett and would recommend the series to anyone who likes a light mystery.

The author maintains a website at if you'd like to find out more.

Pretty in Ink
320 pages

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  1. Sounds good - I'd probably enjoy the Stephanie Plum turn in the book! I hope you're feeling well!

  2. This series sounds fun. I think I'm going to try to find it at the library.

    Are there any romantic elements to the story? I can't help it... I love a little romance even if it's a subplot or background thread to the story.

  3. These are the kind of books I love, but I'm so not a tattoo fan that I might skip this series. Also, they are not available at our library.

    I just finished reading the first four of A Wine Lover's Mystery series by Michele Scott. Pretty standard writing and plots, but I did enjoy reading about the different kinds of wine.


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