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Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Friday for April 23.

True Confession: I don't get Steampunk, not the books, not the jewelry, not any of it.

It's raining here and my daycare's street was full of worms- giant, finger sized, foot long worms. All crawling. My mouth was saying, "boys, look at all these cool worms!" and my brain was saying, "AiiiiIIIEIeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
 I got an ARC in the mail this week that made me squeal with joy. I don't get a lot of review books, and have never been offered one that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted, but this one made me hop up and down like a crazy woman.  Forget You by Jennifer Echols.

Mine does not have this lovely cover (I stole the picture from Jennifer Echols's website.)
I want to make a blanket like this one.

I owe you reviews of Pretty In Ink: A Tattoo Shop Mystery by Karen E Olson and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Both of which I have returned to the library so hopefully I can review them without a book to reference.

I work on Saturday, but after that is the first meeting of The Pirate's T-Ball Team. I can't wait to see him make new friends (not that there is anything wrong with his old ones!)

What's news with you?


  1. I like the idea of Steampunk. In theory.

    I've not heard of that book before your mention of it. It's fun to get really good books in the mail.

    I love the blanket.

    What's new? Well, tomorrow I am heading to the L.A. Times Festival of Books. I am hoping for a lovely day filled with panels and shopping and then later some food with other bloggers.

  2. I'm with you on those worms! I'd love to have seen you jumping up and down!

  3. I was just showing my daughter worms the other day. We both said ewwww! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm not fun with worms and IF I'm pregranant right now like you I'd go crazy!!! that's it no more worms paleaze... ;-)

    I don't know this novel but I have a feeling it'll be a good one. Let us know what you'd think about it okay? they I go find a copy and read it too.

  6. That is SOOOOOOoo cool that you got an ARC of Forget You!!! I'm so stinkin' happy for you... but very jealous at the same time!!! I can't wait to hear how you like it. :)

    I've read one Steampunk romance but was not crazy about it at all. However... I do believe it was the author's story telling style that I did not care for, not the genre. SO, I am willing to read more. I hear Clockwork Heart is very good... and I'm looking forward reading an upcoming debut Steampunk romance novel from author Meljean Brook.

    Meanwhile... I LOVE the colors in that blanket. And it would work for a boy or a girl... *wink*

    Looking forward to your review on Pretty In Ink.. as I've been eyeing that one!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Lisa!

    p.s. Worms are the best! ... when they're in the garden. LOL :o)

  7. Not heard of this book and can't wait to hear about it. Seems like all I can do is read your reviews since I can't seem to finish a book. Talk about a dry spell for me!

  8. Ooh. Jealous about the Jennifer Echols book! Why does no one send me awesome ARCs like that? (boo hoo, etc)

    LOVE that blanket.

    Also, not much new from me. It's pretty boring around these parts.

  9. I haven't read any Steampunk yet so I guess I can say I don't get it either. I do want to read it and see if it makes more sense to me once I experience it. :-) Not too sure the jewelry will ever catch my fancy though!

  10. that is my blanket!!! Esa es mi manta!!! que bueno que te ha gustado!...te espero por mi blog..


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