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Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend Fun

So Friday was my birthday and if I'd gotten around to posting a Random Friday entry you would have known that. As it was, the week was a little crazy and I was just happy to make it out in one piece. I turned 35 which really doesn't bother me that much, except that I feel so much younger. It did rain all weekend but the boys still managed to show me a good time.

On Friday we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, The Alpine Inn, with several of my in-laws.  This is an interesting place because the lunch menu is German food, salads and sandwiches, while the dinner menu is "Steak, baked potato, lettuce wedge with ranch." No, really, that's it. Regardless, it's very good food. Both the Pirate and the Bug shoveled in the "lettuce with ranch" like it was the best thing they ever ate. They also have terrific desserts, so the Bug and I shared a German Chocolate Waffle.

On Saturday we slept in- all the way to 7!!  This was followed by a T-Ball game in the drizzle. The Pirate is still less than interested, but he did go play for about half the game. After T-Ball we grabbed some sausage biscuits and went home. We all had a nap and then got up around 2 and went to see Bear Country. Bear Country is this drive through wildlife park that neither boy had been to. It's fairly expensive (we figure they must be making a ton of money) but was worth it to see the boys so excited. There are elk, reindeer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, wolves, brown bears, black bears, mountain lions (in cages) and a grizzly (also caged.) At the very end there is a walk through part where the babies are. It was raining pretty good by then, and of course we have no umbrella, but omg those babies are adorable. This one, who is about the size of a large cat, sat there and "roared" at us the entire time!

We left there and took a scenic drive (through the rain and fog) through the Hills to get to Deadwood.
Had a hoodie.
Did not have a hoodie.

We were a little early so while we waited for the last few family members to arrive, we watched a live shootout right there in the streets of Deadwood! The Pirate thought it was the coolest thing ever and talked about it all the way home.

We had dinner at the Silverado, whose buffet boasts prime rib and snow crab legs. Mike and I aren't big seafood eaters, so we did not provide our children with crab legs.  This did not stop the Pirate from begging some off a cousin, and a monster was created. He made us go back for more at least 4 times. It was crazy.

Yesterday the boys went grocery shopping without me (heartbroken, I was) and came home with a ton of food. We cleaned up a bit in the morning and then I made my escape! The boys stayed home with Mike and I went to Target where I got a cup of coffee and slowed roamed the entire store. I bought a teeny little outfit for the new baby and a ton of things we needed for the house. I almost bought myself a new wallet, and now am kicking myself for not doing so. Btw, Target has a TON of cute purses and bags on sale right now, if you're in the market. Then I went on to Hancock's, where I also took my time and looked at everything. Back home to discover that no one had napped and everyone was wild and/or crabby! Then over to my father-in-law's for dinner with 20 other people, all of whom are closely related to my children, and then home where the boys ran around like they'd never need sleep and I put away a small mountain of laundry before we all collapsed into bed. It was all very lovely (mostly) and I wish we had another day of it.

How was your weekend?

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  1. LOL, I would've loved to see that baby bear "roar." How cuuuute! I'm glad you had such a good birthday. Happy belated!

  2. Oh it was so incredibly cute. If you ask the Bug how it sounded he MEOWS at you!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!

  4. so glad you had a great weekend! I especially love that you took slow leisurely strolls through the stores only to come home and find that no one napped. At least a little bit of peace, right?

    So many fun things! I think I'll have to head to the Alpine Inn when we're there. Too bad about the rain the rest of the weekend.

    Happy birthday!

  5. What wonderful memories - rain and all.

  6. Looks like you had a pretty good time. A prime rib buffet? Sounds heavenly.

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Happy belated birthday!

    I think we're headed up to that same area in a couple of weeks--you've given me the bug to spend some time in a cabin and revisit some places I haven't seen since I was a kid.


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