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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The last T-Ball Game

T-Ball ended a couple of weeks ago, with both sadness and joy. The Pirate never really got into the gamehe complained that it was boring and I think he was a bit overrun by some of the other players. Most of his team were a year or so older than him, and he just wasn't quite ready.
For the last game he rallied a bit (I think it helped that several cousins and grandpa came to watch), and insisted that he lead the team across to shake hands with the other team.

He was beyond thrilled to get a trophy (they all did), and was so very proud to take a picture with his dad when it was over.

The Bug, as expected, can't wait until it's his turn.

I'm guessing that next year we'll gently try to encourage him to play again. I think having a year of school under his belt will make a big difference in how he plays with others. Just last night the three of them were outside playing baseball in the backyard and he was way more involved than he had been the entire season.  If not, there's always soccer.

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  1. Awww..he is getting so big. I'll admit to being a bit excited when baseball was over for my oldest as it was hard to make it to some of the later games with two young ones. Great pictures!

  2. I love the pictures! Our son never did love baseball and he was on the championship team one year. He much preferred basketball.

  3. Well, it was hard to make it to some of the later games with two young ones. Anyways, Nice pictures.

  4. Love that first picture of him! I really wish that my parents had encouraged me to play sports. I think I'm a little like the Pirate is--definitely reluctant to join in and play with others.


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