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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Preparing for baby, part 1, work.

It seems like I get asked a half dozen times a day if I'm ready for this baby.  I typically make a joke and laugh, but the answer is really no. I'm about as ready as I'm going to be mentally, but there is just so much to do on an ongoing basis to ever say that yes, I am ready.  I'm at 32 weeks today, so it could realistically be anywhere from 4 weeks (when the Bug arrived) to 9 weeks (counting to 1 week late. I have no idea what this would be like!)

Today's example? Work. We've had a bit of reorganization in my office lately, my assistant and friend left to pursue other options and we hired a new person who will be doing my  job while I'm out. In the very short term, this effectively doubles my work. In the long term, it should even out.  In the context of getting ready for baby- it sucks. This means that every night I need to plan to leave my office in a state that anyone could walk in and pick up where I left off.  I am very bad at accomplishing this. I am extra bad at doing this when the person who will be walking in to take over isn't yet fully trained. I've been making a terrific effort to have my files done and notes left on pending stuff, but it's hard to get into the habit on doing some things that could be left until morning. This is not to say I shouldn't always been doing this anyway, but the sense of urgency is that much greater. As someone pointed out today, I need to leave every night assuming that I won't be back for 6 weeks. 

How do you handle something like this?  It feels incredibly overwhelming to me. What do I tackle first? How do I get it all done? Am I really that far behind? I feel like I'm working every moment I'm at work. I don't spend a ton of time gossiping, I don't venture out of my little office much, I don't stand around chatting with our members (customers/clients), and I take very few personal calls. Do you have any brilliant tips on how to leave your office ready for someone to step in? Let me hear 'em cause I could use the help!

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  1. Just do the best you can and don't get over tired. Hugs!

  2. I wish I had wonderful tips, but I don't. Other than "do the best you can," that is. I was in a similar situation when I was getting ready to go out on maternity leave. They cut my teaching load down to two, but there was still the issue of transition to a new instructor, some ongoing projects I was in charge of, and other miscellaneous stuff. I know that feeling of "I may not come back tomorrow, so this has to be in good shape." The reality is, there will always be some loose ends left hanging, and thankfully those were taken care of via some very short phone calls, e-mails, or my bosses and colleagues just did whatever they thought was right and left me alone.

    I wish you peace of mind!

  3. How do yo handle it? Well, for starters, you have to know that the office will survive. No matter how dire the situation, the office will keep going. That's what I've learned.

    And, if it keeps going but not that smoothly, then they will really appreciate you when you return.

    Take care of your personal stuff now and try not to worry too much about the work stuff.

  4. not that it's remotely fun or funny but I am in the exact same position - training someone to take over my co-workers position and cover mine. 31 wks here. ack!

  5. Eek! That is a scary situation! Good luck!

  6. The best advice I can offer is do what you can and assume that if you have the baby tomorrow someone will figure out what needs to be done. And pray that the new person learns quickly!

  7. Definitely tell yourself that you can only do your best... I'm sorry you're in such a sucky situation, you don't need that right now! Good luck with everything, hang in there!

  8. Good luck getting ready! I imagine it's hard to plan everything, so like Andi said, just do your best :)

  9. Oh Lisa, I wish I could help you. I feel your pain all the way to Cincy. I would love to help you if I could. Try not to stress to much.

  10. I totally relate to the feeling. Can you ever really be "prepared" for the advent of a baby? I think not. Anyway, congratulations!


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