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Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday: Ignore the duck.

Ok, I got someone to take my picture- just ignore the duck flying into my head, the bad hair day, the weird smile and the office clutter, ok?

This is 33 weeks. Officially 7 more to go!  (But I expect 3 or 4.)

Yesterday a lovely piece of fabric that I had admired showed up in my mailbox, all the way from Korea! This is very cool, as it turns out to be a nice fabric weight and even cuter in person, but... I didn't buy it. There was no note or invoice or anything in the packaging. Some very nice person sent me a gift, but I have NO CLUE who it was! Whoever you are, THANK YOU! it's adorably cute. (And please, fess up!)

In just over a week my friend TRISH will be in South Dakota! I plan to monopolize all her time.

The piles in my office are perilously small. I am starting to feel like I could leave them for a few weeks, yay!

Someone Will Be with You Shortly: Notes from a Perfectly Imperfect LifeI have finished one book and almost a second this week! The one that I finished was Someone Will Be with You Shortly: Notes from a Perfectly Imperfect Life by Lisa Kogan. It's not linear, just a collection of brief essays, I suspect from her job at Oprah magazine. It was fast, mildly entertaining, and incredibly forgettable. The second is  The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin, which I hope to write a proper review of when I finish.

I am starting to feel guilty for not sewing a quilt for baby girl. I might have to give it a shot. In my free time.

I wish I knew of a nice little wading creek that I could take the boys to. Someplace where I wouldn't have to worry that they would be swept away or fall in over their heads. I am not quite up to a full swimming pool with them this summer, but a little fast moving stream would feel awfully good.

It seems like there are other things I want to post, but my memory is shot. How about you tell me about your week instead?
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  1. You look fantastic! If you can't find a stream, maybe you could use a sprinkler- they're always lots of fun.

  2. Sprinkler sounds good - or a very small wading pool so you could sit in a lawn chair and soak your feet and ankles. (That sounds really good to me right now. My ankles are swollen.)

    This past week has been really strange. Today, I need to get off of the computer and pay the bills that I should have last Monday.

  3. You're almost there!

    Had to LOL at the duck. What can I say ... I'm easily amused.

    I recently finished Lisa Kogan's book, too, and agree with your impressions of it.

  4. I can't believe that a week from RIGHT NOW I'll be somewhere in Kansas with my husband and in-laws in the same car while pulling four motorcycles. Eeeeeek!

    You look so great--I can't wait to see you. Glad things are getting more organized at work. I got your email but haven't responded yet (duh). In short--we'll get there sometime Saturday night but I suspect we'll be too pooped to do anything that night. Sunday? So hard to plan when there's more than just me and Scott. :(

  5. You look awesome! A spray bottle with ice water is refreshing.

    I hope you and Trish have an wonderful time together.

  6. You look so great, Lisa! I bet you and Trish will have a blast together.

    I am getting ready to visit one of my close friends who just moved to Richmond, Virginia, which is 3.5 hours from me. I haven't seen her in a long time, so it will be fun.

  7. You look great! The next few weeks are going to just fly by...

  8. Woohoo! So soon! Can't wait to see the baby.

  9. Looking good, Mom! Have fun with Trish!

  10. You look awesome, and it was the Shiba household that sent you the fabric.

    Please give our love to everyone.

  11. You look really good. Like you could go on for another couple of months...just kidding of course.

    That fabric is very cute. What are you going to makie with it?

  12. I'm imagining being pregnant in this TX heat, and all I can think is no thank you! Glad I lucked out and was preggers during the jacket months. You're looking adorable, duck or no duck.

  13. You look great! It doesn't look like you will make it for 7 more weeks!

  14. You look absolutely adorable!

    And ooh, I really want to read The Happiness Project, can't wait to see what you think of it :)


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