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Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Friday, at home

Is it bad that the episode of What Not to Wear with Blossom on it made me realize I need a hair cut?

Has anyone ever sold books on Worth my time?

Baby girl has a lump on her head from birth (see above picture). It will go away in a couple months, no worries. The other day I ran into the grocery store with her and someone, a stranger!,  said, "What is WRONG with her head??" Are people just that stupid? What is WRONG with YOU?? Now I feel bad for my lumpy baby.

Speaking of lumpy, I am nursing the baby exclusively right now. We were out over the weekend and I was nursing her. I realized that I'm more embarrassed for someone to see my lumpy, stretch marked belly than a flash of boob.  I wonder what that says about me?

Yesterday the Pirate wore his t-ball shirt to school. It's a thin white t-shirt with a small pink stain on the front. It is too big for him.  At his daycare (before school) they fed him spaghetti for lunch, which he got all over himself.  It was BAD. The first thing he says to me when I pick him up? " guess what mom? Today was picture day!" Shouldn't they warn us of these things??


  1. Well, I think baby girl is beautiful and I just love that picture! I can't believe anyone was crass enough to say something like that to you!!

  2. What an idiot. I think her little lump is cute and even my Hub knew what it was from and I had two C-sections!

    When I was BF I didn't care what hung out.

    Picture day. Love it. My daughter has a tooth that is dangling in the front and is all twisted and she took her pic that way because she refused to let me yank it. My little snaggle tooth.

  3. What a cutie!! Some people are so rude - don't listen to them! Maybe you could make a "hooter hider" for nursing. My mother in law just made one for my sister in law who's super-pregnant, and she said it went together fairly quickly.

  4. UGH! Sorry you have to deal with others! She is beautiful!

  5. I know how you feel. My daughter had a hemangeoma (like that is even CLOSE to spelled right) on top of her head. It basically looked like a big (about the size of a thumb print), puffy bruise; a totally natural thing. I used to get such looks! Totally pissed me off and made me feel bad at the same time. People can be such jerks. Just ignore them. WE intelligent people know she is perfectly fine. She is gorgeous!!!

    When I breastfed I totally felt the same way! My poor belly! LOL

    And that sort of picture day totally sounds like something that would happen to me!

  6. picture day????

    Ok, I gotta know if that picture is superimposed? I guess it's just the shadowing! But little baby girl looks so adorable!

  7. You just can't account for stupid people. Both your kids are ADORABLE!!!
    Don't worry about picture day, thank heaven there are retakes!

  8. I think she's gorgeous! Take no notice of stupid people who don't think before the speak! Also, I had to laugh at the photo story :)

  9. That is an adorable photo!

    Yes, people are stupid. I remember when I had bad rashes because of an allergic reaction my husband said no one would notice. He was shocked when people commented. I wasn't shocked.

    Don't feel bad for your baby because she is beyond adorable.

  10. Great picture! And yes, people can be that stupid. People wouldn't ask an adult about something like this, why would they ask a baby's mom?

  11. My guys' niece had picture day the very first day of school and I guess people only found out about it if they went on the school website... I thought that was rather stupid!

    I can't believe someone said something to you about the baby. People are so rude!

  12. I agree with Tina! What an idiot. Who says stuff like that? I was reading Stephanie Nielson's blog (she is the girl from Utah who was in a plane crash) and she was at the grocery store. The person in front of her turned around and said "I feel like you look!" She is burned on 83% of her body. It just amazes me what people will say.

    She is a cutie patootie and don't you worry yourself over that!

    I laughed about the stretch marks over the boobie comment:)

  13. What a rough week. We've had countless school pictures taken in dirty tshirts and mismatched outfits. Hope this week treats you more kindly!


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