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Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Friday, school, sleep, mattresses and bullying

Tuesday night was the Pirate's first parent teacher conference. It turned out to be more about how to read his upcoming report card than about my specific child. Still, it was nice to sit down with his teacher. He can be a charming little boy and I think his teacher enjoys him.

Out of curiosity, how old is your mattress? Was it an expensive one? Does it need to be replaced?

Please take a moment to read this excellent post by Marjorie Ingall about the It Gets Better project. A quote, "we must own our responsibility rather than blaming others or dismissing bad behavior." Amen.

I am exhausted. This is largely my fault as I refuse to let the boys sleep in my bed so we spent much of the last two nights chasing the Bug out of it. They are welcome to get in our bed when they wake up at 6 or 7. I'm not totally heartless.

A slice of my morning: Pour cereal for #1, ask #2 if he wants some. No. Put away cereal and milk. Start tea for myself. Put away stuff. Get stuff out, make tea for #2. Put away stuff. #2 asks for cereal. Make cereal. put away cereal and milk. #1 asks for more cereal and milk. Get out cereal and milk... But if you make them both cereal from the start one of them will go uneaten. Or it'll be the wrong kind. Asking if they would like some does not seem to mitigate the problem.

Today is the library book sale. I just donated 15 large bags and one box of books to the sale. I really should not go buy more. But I really want to go to the library to find some beginning readers anyway..

Ok, time to start getting all of them dressed. Why did I let them outnumber me again?

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  1. I have mornings like that. I try to anticipate The Girl's wants and it never works out. She always wants the opposite of what I've made. She can be on a soy bacon kick for three weeks straight but the one day that I make it ahead of time.... you guessed it, she doesn't want it.

    I try to explain to her that if I spend my entire morning runniung around getting HER ready to go, that I cannot ever sit down next to her for some quite time in the A.M but do you know what she says? She says, "That's okay. I will call you on the phone." I don't lnow whether to laugh or cry.

  2. We never let our son sleep in our bed either - I always told him he has his own bed, so I totally understand that.

    Our mattress is 3 years old and I thought it was expensive, but then again, I think all mattresses are expensive.

  3. I would be worried if you said that you WEREN'T exhausted. It's funny, we coslept until 18 months, when we moved into our new house and asked our son if he wanted to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed again or HIS OWN ROOM with the BUBBLES on the wall (courtesy of some ex-owner). He happily said "BUBBLES!" and that was that. Can you believe he never asks to sleep in our bed? But, before I gloat too much, that's probably because I end up sleeping next to him in his toddler bed at the slightest cold, skipped nap, etc. :P Speaking of which, I hear "Mama come!!!!" right now. So much for it being Dada's turn.


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