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Monday, October 18, 2010

Silly Bandz Barter at it's best

Forget sticker charts, we have Silly Bandz!  My boys have only just discovered the lure of the silly bandz, and the Pirate is just now figuring out that you can trade yours for "better" ones.  I've taken the band trading to a whole new level though, I'm using them as a consequence. Do something with attitude? Give me a band. Get caught doing something sweet? You get a band. Call your daddy a "liar liar pants on fire"? Give me ALL your bands. Pick up your dishes without being reminded? Get one back!  I dread the day that they suddenly aren't cool, but maybe my kids won't catch on for a while.

So far it's a good system. The only problem? I have to keep straight whose is whose, which means I'm a 35 year old woman wearing Silly Bandz on both arms. (not my arm pictured above.)

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  1. Ha! The thought of you wearing silly bands (bandz??) on both arms makes me laugh a little inside. Remember slap bracelets?

    Great incentive--now if only my husband were motivated by incentives... ;)

  2. Somehow I can't picture the sweet little Pirate having an attitude.

  3. The Bandz are banned out here. Kids were loving them so much they were choking on 'em.

    Plus, I never really saw the draw. I mean, once they are on you can't even tell what they are. Someone is making a boatload of cash of of them though.

    Remember Chinese Jacks and Mexican Jumping Beans? Such fun.

  4. So glad that Brady could introduce silly bands to your family! My favorite are the Strawberry shortcake ones that are scented. :)Shawna

  5. Oh I have to laugh. What a FUN alternative to sticker charts :)

  6. LOL! Great strategy!
    We have silly bandz laying around my house, too and I've got a 15 and 11 year old. Although the bandz are NOT an effective behavioral bartering tool when they're this old. ;)

    I recently bought a pack of Toy Story 3 and Disney Princess silly bandz for my girlfriend's kids. Guess who just topped the favorite "Aunt" chart?! Yep! It's ME! :)


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