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Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday, perhaps longer than usual?

If you're already a parent you know this stuff (or else I just have strange babies) but some of you non-parents may be surprised to learn-

  • Despite what you may think, not all babies sleep all the time. This one seems to be awake all the time.
  • Baby poop is one step up from liquid and yet it takes full body, red faced concentration to produce.
  • Just when you think you're crazy from lack of sleep, and ready to put them on the porch for the wolves, they turn cute on you.

Completely brilliant post on talking to toddlers here. Are you asking when you mean to be telling?  I do it ALL THE TIME.

Tomorrow we're driving 6 hours round-trip to look for a house to live in when we move. Wish us luck that we find something and that the kids don't make us crazy.  We really need to buy a portable DVD player.

This is an excellent lunch box. Makes me wish I took my lunch.

Yesterday I got both the Bug and the baby to sleep AT THE SAME TIME. Then I used that time to work on a custom name banner. Yes, in the midst of moving, I'm still attempting to sew. I even have a dream of still making Christmas gifts.  Yeah, I know, crazy. Impossible. I can dream.

Today the babies and I are going to drop off a load of stuff at Goodwill, run inside and look for a belt, then go buy car snacks for tomorrow's trip. I might even relent and let them (Pirate and Bug) sit in the third row tomorrow, which means I have to clean out the car. Yikes. 

What's happening for you this weekend?

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  1. I'm sorry your baby is not a sleeper - she will make up for it during her teen years, believe me. Good luck on your house hunting trip.

  2. Caden wasn't a sleeper either and I just about went crazy. That is why I only have ONE!

    Good luck tomorrow with the kids. And looking for a house. Been there done that!

  3. Oh, we LOVE the third row. We actually take the center seats out of our van and drive it around like a kid limo... full of french fries and straws and legos. The groceries fit in the center as well as they fit in the back and the kids are far enough away that they don't bug us toooo much.

    Do you have a laptop that you can use as a DVD player? We got a DC converter for like $40 and we brought our laptop on our last trip. Worked great and I was able to use the wi-fi at McDs or Perkins or wherever, too.

    Sorry about the not sleeping baby. You have a MASSIVE MASSIVE amount of stress-inducers in your life right now... eek!

  4. My oldest never slept either. I couldn't understand how I was supposed to follow everyone's advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps" because he never slept! Then, when my second child came along I thought there was something wrong with her because she did sleep, often for 5 hours at a time at night almost immediately.

  5. My youngest never slept, either.

    May your trip be uneventful. May you find a decent house. HUGS

  6. Oh you silly woman--you should have used that time to sleep, too!


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