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Sunday, December 19, 2010

So random it's not even Friday!

  • And in bullet points too!
  • It is December 19th and we just finished talking about what we'd like to get our children for Christmas. Talking about, not buying. I'm going to do a little solo shopping this afternoon, maybe I can do it all in one $trike?
  • We draw names in Mike's family. This year we got 2 preteen girls (gifts made! trinket gifts being pondered), 1 newborn boy (gift cut, not yet made), 1 adult woman (still pondering), 1 preteen boy (gonna have to buy that one, I don't think I have anything in my arsenal that a preteen boy would enjoy.) I also want to make one thing for each of my own children. I have made the Princess's stocking already, whew. Also 95% done with a gift for the Pirate's K teacher, and thinking about what to make the classroom aide. Pictures of all that one day as well.
  • Hey, I wonder if any of my inlaws read this blog? None of them have ever admitted to it. Hello?
  • Soon, a library loot post for you from my new library, as well as entire post about how quaint and charming it is- with (cellphone) pictures taken on the sly!
  • I have finished two entire books: The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron and When Did I Get Like This?: The Screamer, the Worrier, the Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget-Buyer, and Other Mothers I Swore I'd Never Be by Amy Wilson and am very close to finishing Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella, which is for review but has hit one of my person sticky points so I had to take a break.
  • Our new house has a laundry chute!! This one thing has completely changed the state of my house, seriously. Love love love. Will never live in a two story house without one again. Pictures of the house one day soon. Soonish. Maybe in 2011.
  • We are going to a cabin with the inlaws, all of them (24 people counting us), for 3 days. We leave Friday morning. I have not found anything to do with my dog while we are gone. Anyone want a dog?
  • Two of our lovely new neighbors brought us cookies. I plan to return the favor, if I ever make some.
  • Tomorrow is my turn on the Virtual Advent Tour. I have an idea for a post, please let me get it written!
  • I had to mark literally thousands of unread posts read in Google Reader, did I miss anything important?
  • How is your Christmas shaping up?

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  1. So many of these points I want to reply to, but squirmy one month old in my arms, and toddler napping, so I have to keep her entertained to avoid catastrophic wake-up ;) She won't sleep or hang out for more than 2 minutes anywhere but in my arms during the day (not crib, swing, bouncy seat, etc.). Help! loving my ergo carrier.

    So impressed you have made so many things! I'm torn on whether to make a quickie stocking for the new girl now or wait until I have more time next year.

    Curious what you thought of the When Did I Get Like This? book. It's on my someday list.

  2. Talk about busy! I know what you'll be doing all week. When your kids get older the gifts they want are expensive so they only get one thing and there isn't quite as much work with Christmas. I hope you find someplace for your dog.

  3. You better get on those presents! I wish we drew names in my husband's family. I thought we had all decided we'd only buy for our own kids this year (none of us have lots of money) but then one changed her mind and we can't not get the kids gifts when they got our kids gifts.

    I still have more shopping to do but I have at least started.

  4. Good luck getting everything done. Don't worry about posting every day. Everyone is busy right now. Hugs

  5. Where is the cabin you guys are going to?

    I wish people would fess up to reading my blog. I have some stalkers at work but I'm not sure who. I mentioned my blog to someone thinking that maybe she'd say "Oh I know" but I don't think she's one of them anymore. Kind of unnerving not knowing if others are reading...?

    If I disappear again this week, I hope you guys have a very lovely Christmas!!

  6. I love bullet points-sometimes they just work best. Sounds like you have your hands full just making gifts, let alone shopping! I hope you have a very merry Christmas! We have a laundry shoot in this old house as well. So Great!!

  7. We have a laundry chute too. In the form of an open loft that The Boy likes to throw his dirty clothes over. So not funny.

    Looks like you have your work cut out for you. I don't mind gift exchanges if I know the kid well, but choosing blindly is always rough.

  8. So great to hear from you, Lisa, and as usual, I'm beyond impressed at how much you accomplish on a regular basis.

    I did some online shopping last Friday, went out for a few hours on Saturday and a few hours yesterday. I still have a small handful of things to pick up, but I'm not even stressing about it. Now I just want to bake cookies this week!

  9. I have a secret (or not so secret) passion for bullet points. I am impressed and hopeful that soon I will be accomplishing stuff like you. :) I mean reading books seems like it is so far away from me right now.

    Christmas is nearly done. I have to pick up some Santa toys for the new boy. Since he is only 2.5 months old I figure that we will get away with Santa only bringing a few toys and maybe a cute sleeper or two. Oh, and maybe a new pack of pacifiers. But all of that is one short trip to Walmart or Target. Does Santa bring diapers for infants?

    I as usual have not gotten the three thing I want to do at Christmas done. I love making salt dough ornaments with the boys, not done. I wanted to make Popcorn Balls to give to our neighbors and friends, not done. I wanted to make homemade dumplings for our traditional Chinese dinner, not done. Oh, well. Maybe I will start the ornaments and dumplings early next year. (Dumplings can be frozen.)

    Have fun at the cabin. I hope everyone is healthy this year.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. I hope you had a great Christmas. I know that it has been a rough few months....for me too!

    We are going to start the New Year off on a good note! Merry Christmas!

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I don't know how you managed to find the time to make anything with all you've had going on lately! I'm with you on the laundry chute--now if they would just start putting in some method to get the laundry back up without having to haul the baskets up!


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