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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)Karen Marie Moning, you have made me neglect all other reading obligations and focus on you, good job! Darkfever is yet another first in a paranormal/urban fantasy series, which I needed like I needed a hole in my head, and yet I am hooked.

MacKayla Lane is your average pretty Southern girl- right up until her sister is horribly murdered while at college in Dublin. Mac can't stand the thought that no one is even investigating her sister's death so she hops on a plane to go investigate. It only takes a few hours before Mac realizes that all is not human and only a few days before she realizes that she, Mac, is in the middle of something really big, and really bad. There is a war coming between the Fae and the humans and Mac has a starring role.

So maybe you think you read enough paranormal series, that there are too many of them anyway and you don't need to be sucked into one more- I think you should give this one a shot.  It has a different voice from the others, very casual and friendly. At times it's annoying ("Mom says..") and at times it's just fun. There are a lot of mysteries left unsolved in this one (Who is Jericho Barrons, anyway?) and it is in no way a stand alone novel.  When you reach the end of it you'll either love it and want more more more or walk away with an unfinished story.

The copy I checked out of the library was Large Print (LOVE Large Print!) and had a cover more in line with the romance world. Despite these things, Mike picked it up and read it in an evening and then demanded I go back to the library and bring him the next four in the series. Unfortunately for him, books four and five were (and still are) checked out, but he blew through two and three in as many days. I'm a bit slower, my reading time has been taken up with my new job, but I am definitely in the camp of reading the next one immediately to see what happens. A big thank you goes to Christine for hooking us on these!

Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)
by Karen Marie Moning
Thomson Gale
444 pages
Source: Library

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  1. I am going to try this series, too, but I don't really think I should since I have so many other things on the go! lol

  2. So glad Mike is loving this series. I think you will, too. And lucky you will have Mike there to listen to you as you go, "What?" "WHAT?" "Are you Kidding me?" "What does that mean?" Just don't let him answer you. LOL. It's so much more fun finding out what happens in the next chapter or book ... or the last book!!!

    Enjoy. :)


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