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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Random Friday, new Saturday edition!

Random Thoughts:
  • Sadly, the Pirate was not home for that excellent photo taking moment.
  • It's Saturday,  not Friday. I had a crazy busy week for someone who doesn't work outside the home.
  • Little miss has a brand spankin' new tooth!
  • I brought the crib in from the garage (she's been sleeping in one of these- best invention EVER. Seriously, you need one if you are having a baby, cheap too) and the Bug insists that it's his bed. So it's still sitting in the living room in parts.
  • It is 7:49am and already my children are fighting. Mike is at work all day. This is gonna be a great day.
  • Anyone having a Superbowl Party? We are not and it seems we are not attending one either.
  • The perfect job dropped out of heaven and into my lap this week. Seriously ya'll, perfect. More on that later.
Books I Read This Week:
A Look Back at Last Week:

Shop Update:

Very little shop sewing this week. There is one name banner underway, and another left the door this morning (or will), but that's really it. I've been squandering my sewing time on a highly creative (for me) project

How's your weekend shaping up?

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  1. The Bug and Little Miss favor each other! I can't wait to hear more about your job!!

  2. I would have loved the Rock and Play Sleeper forever and ever if it had been around when my daughter was a baby. Seriously. She was a "spit-up" baby and she also liked to be vertical. We had a swing, but I don't think it was as comfortable as that looks. And a tooth! Wasn't little Miss just born? (LOL! I'm losing track of time.) Stay warm.

  3. How in the world are you going to go back to work? You're already so busy! My niece is having a baby in March and I'm going to have to tell her about that sleeper. What a great idea!

  4. I've been seriously thinking about reading Darkfever sometime soon as I've heard lots of good things about this series. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much. Congrats on the new job...I can't wait to hear more details. And aren't your babies getting big already?? Loved the pics!

  5. Cute pics!

    And as far as Ulysses goes, I just skipped the forward and headed straight for the story.

  6. LOVE the pics, adorable! I am going to check out that sleeper to add to my registry. Any other tips?

  7. I am glad to see you haven't read The Magicians yet because I haven't even opened it! Been too busy and not a lot of reading!

  8. Those smiles are awesome!! So cute!

    I was going to say something else but my mind has gone blank. Hmm. Well, anyway . . . can't wait to hear about that new job!

  9. The job sounds promising.

    The Boy has been out of it with this chest problem and The Girl and I both got the hand/foot/mouth thing from McDs. This happened to us when she was about 18 months and we've not visited a playland since then but the school had a fundraiser and I was the organizer so I sort of had to be there.

    So we are home today. Ugh.

  10. Look at those happy smiles. Just lovely!

  11. The children are super adorable... as always. Little Miss is growing so fast!!! :)

    Congrats on the job! Can't wait to hear more. :)

    SO glad to hear Mike is loving the Fever series!!!


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