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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tiny Tigers for Toomer's Corner

Recently an act of heartbreaking malice and stupidity happened on the campus of my alma mater- Auburn University. A "fan" of our biggest rival decided to poison the 130 year old oak trees that stand at the gates to the school. One of Auburn's best traditions is to turn out after a winning football game and cover the entire corner with toliet paper-silly, perhaps, but still a tradition. This individual used a lethal amount of tree poison, and it seems that the trees won't likely survive. Despite this, fundraising continues to try and raise enough money to save them, or replace them, or memorialize them in some way.

With the recent move and baby and months of unemployment, I am in no position to send money to help.  Here's what I did instead- I made a small number of the cutest tiny tigers you've ever seen. These little fellows are tiny, maybe 3.5 inches tall. They aren't perfect, but they are fun and cute, and fit in your pocket.  Each one is made of fleece and has no loose parts, so are completely safe for a baby to hold. I've listed them in the Etsy shop for $14. Of that $14, $12.50 will go to the tree fund. The remaining $1.50 will go to pay Etsy and Paypal fees. Shipping is $2 each. Each tiger is made with the generous permission of Care at Obsessively Stitching who created the tutorial.

If you're interested in helping me help the trees, click on through and get a tiger of your own.

And War Eagle!

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  1. We lived in Auburn for 8 years, so my heart broke when I read about what that "fan" did. I cannot imagine what was going through his mind. Good luck with your fund raising efforts.

  2. That SUCKS!!! People are so stupid sometimes. I wish you the best with your fundraising efforts. The tigers are the cutest things!

  3. What a terrible prank!! I hope criminal charges were pressed.

    I admire your efforts to do what you can to raise some money for saving the trees. It boasts team spirit as well. Good for you, Lisa!


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