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Friday, March 18, 2011

RF: No school!

Random Thoughts: 
  • No school today! This could turn into a great thing, or a bad thing. The Pirate really believes that the Bug should understand rules and turn taking and have an attention span long enough to play school. The Bug is great at playing "recess", but that's about it.
  • Did I mention we sold the house? Waiting to clear inspection now.
  • We move two weeks from today. The new place is significantly smaller than this one, and there isn't a ton of storage. I am once again paring down down down. I'm actually looking forward to living with less, as I am the primary putter-away-er in our house. Might be nice to get the house straightened in under an hour as well! 
  • Another benefit of a smaller place- the Bug won't have to constantly run back to find me since I will be right there. Right now he'll play for ten minutes and then remember he has to tell me something, come find me and forget that he can play alone. I'm hoping smaller quarters will fake him into thinking that I'm paying attention. 
  • Temps have been in the 50s all week, the snow is 70% gone! Well, not the giant piles where it's shoveled, but in the yards and sidewalks and streets and all that.
  • Posting will continue to be fairly light and sporadic until we get moved. The good news is that I already have a cable appointment for the day we move, so we shouldn't be without internet access again.
  • This weekend we're starting to move some things to a storage unit. I am both excited to get things out of my way, and dreading the work. What are you doing this weekend?
What I Read This Week:
  • Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. About halfway done and really enjoying it. I actually stayed up late to keep reading last night. I have one niggling problem with it that I will explain later. I'm reading this for a buddy read!
  • All I Ever Wanted (Hqn) by Kristen Higgins. Still funny, also about half done. Yes, if I'd focus on one I'd be done, but then I have to keep up with one book. This way I can have a book anywhere I happen to have to sit.
  • Food Network Kitchens Cookbook  Ok, I've looked at some pictures.
I think that's it! Gotta get a little work done now before the baby girl wakes up or the boys need me to help them get into costume or the dog starts to whine or or or. My life is one big OR sometimes.

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  1. You sure do have a lot going on and I know you'll be happy when things settle down. I can't believe you have snow still - it's supposed to hit 83 here today.

  2. Getting rid of stuff always makes me happy. Even though many of our friends are moving to bigger and newer homes, I think we are going to be in our present home for many years- it might be small, but I guess that probably means we just don't need to keep as much stuff. Having less is not a bad thing.

  3. I am looking forward to our buddy read! Good luck with everything else that you have going on!

  4. Congrats on selling the house...that's exciting!!! Good luck with the move and everything. Maybe life will start to settle down for you guys in a little bit :) Then again with three little ones, maybe not (I should know LOL!!)

  5. Congratulations on selling your other house and preparing to move once again! Our snow is almost gone as well but it is still chilly and we have to wear coats. I'm really ready for warmer weather!

  6. So glad your house has sold. L. is such a doll! I just want to kiss those chubby little cheeks. (Is that too weird? I hope not. She's a baby!)


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