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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mama built a tent.

Less than an hour, ya'll. From walking into the hardware store to completed tent. (Helps that we live half a mile from the store.)

This morning before school I saw this tutorial for an A-frame tent. I made a list of the supplies and after dropping the Pirate off at school we headed to the store. I had them cut two 8 foot pieces of molding in half for me, and I bought a drill bit. We came home and got right to work. From start to finish- 35 minutes! I did cheat and serged the edges of my fabric (an old sheet) instead of folding under a hem, but I had to thread the serger, so that took up all my time saved.

It's pretty wobbly, so I added some fabric strips around the pivot points after snapping this picture. (I should have staged a better picture, made sure the fabric was all ironed and crisp and not saggy, but eh.) Totally proud of myself on this one, highly recommend the tutorial to anyone who needs a quick and easy kid project.(Plus, with a hardware store discount and a discarded sheet, cost me less than three bucks, including the drill bit!)

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  1. It looks like you can fold it up and put it away. Is that the case? That is the one thing with toys that drove me batty. They weren't always easy to dismantle and tuck away.

    Would make a good bday present!

  2. That looks like it will provide hours of play! Our son had a cheap pop-up tent and he LOVED it - it was a hand-me-down from his cousin, but we got their money's worth out of it!

  3. Impressive! Looks like SO much fun, too! Lucky kids. : )

  4. Oh so cool!!! I am definitely going to have to remember this when my little one is older. Thanks!

  5. Kids don't care about aesthetics. What a great place for a nap or high adventures.

  6. What a great idea! I wonder that such a structure hasn't been passed along from parent to parent for years. You sure couldn't buy it ready-made for under 5 times the cost at least.

  7. Looks like fun! I always used to build forts when I was little.


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