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Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Friday: Last Friday in July!

  • Holy smokes people, I'm tired. Have I said that before? 
  • Last weekend we camped. It was not so good. There was a middle of the night wind storm that put me in a near panic attack. Then Mike worked all day Saturday and we couldn't find anyone to come play so it was just me and the kids at the campsite all day.
  • Because that was so much fun, we're going again this weekend! But this weekend we have company.
  • I think we're gonna try to make giant bubbles today, if I can figure out how not to take the boys to the Walmarts with me.
  • Can you all believe that school starts next month? School supplies!!
  • And that the Princess turns ONE! 
  • Still working on the hexes, and still enjoying it. Need to catch up on pictures though.
  • It seems like the blog world is slowing down. A lot of my favorite bloggers are posting less and either I'm super boring or people are commenting less too. Anyone else notice this?
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    1. I see less comments on my blog, but more hits. I think people can find time to read but not to comment.

      Plus, I am still unable to comment on lots of blogger blogs without going through a ton of steps that I never had to go through before. Yours, works for me but so many others don't.

      I did clothes shopping for school but I still have shoes and supplies to do. Ugh. I go to Target tonight and I never leave that place without spending a ton of $$.

    2. During the summer it seems like bloggers and commenting always slows down. I can't believe that it is already the end of July...I'm not sure that I'm ready for school to start up yet. Hope you have a fun weekend camping!

    3. Those vexes are gorgeous! Ahaha autocorrect

    4. I can't believe your baby is turning 1 and my baby just turned 24. Blogging always slows down in the summer, but it will pick up again in a month or so.

    5. Divergent is a great trilogy, make sure you read it all.

    6. I definitely noticed the slow down. I had family and friends in town so that always slows me down. Then I have so much blog reading catch up to do that I don't always get the chance to comment.

      I love school supply shopping :)

    7. I am kind of curious where July went!

    8. Like everyone said, I think it's the summer slowing things down. I've just had less time to blog/read blogs/comment lately -- I want to be outside while the weather is nice!

    9. We went camping once as part of a boy scout family outing. Everyone else stayed in the main lodge but my husband insisted we tent it. It was freezing but the worst was the wind storm that lasted for hours and finally collapsed our tent on top of us at 4 a.m. I HATE camping in the wind!


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