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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21 Day Challenge, Day 2

Today prompt is "tuck in." I'm pretty sure I haven't tucked anything in in about 7 years.

I choose this striped shirt that actually has another blue band around the bottom and I think I like it more tucked in than out. It's been in my closet for at least 5 years and I think this is maybe the 5th time I've worn it. I bought it to wear back home when the Pirate was two. You can see it in this post. (Also, that stack of books? I've read two of them.)  (Also also, look how tiny the Pirate (previously the Monkey) is there!) I paired it with a plain black a-line skirt and black ballet flats and I feel a wee bit French.

In all honesty, I probably won't leave it tucked in while we are home. I am still nursing the Princess and it's really annoying to keep untucking and re-tucking.

The Pirate served as my photographer, once again. This is the type picture he usually takes.

Outfit details:
Striped shirt: Walmart
Black skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Pamida

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  1. Also doing the nursing thing which makes tucked in items a pain at home.

    I LOVE that shirt.

  2. You DO look French! I love the whole thing. :-)

  3. I think the color band at the top keeps it from looking French. It's very J.Crew-ish. Love it.

  4. I never tuck anything in, but the guy does and it always makes him look weird because he tucks things in too far. It is a normal debate...

    I think for a six year old the pictures are turning out rather well. :)

  5. That's a really cute outfit! I'm impressed that you wear skirts around the house. I'm pretty sure that I'm that sweatpants Mom :)

  6. You look fabulous today! Way to go.

  7. Oh my goodness, I love the shirt! It's such an adorable outfit.

  8. Loving the stripes!

    I have to agree that the Pirate is doing rather well at his job. ;)

  9. Thanks all!

    I'm about to try to get day three pictures. His photography is getting more erratic as it is no longer novel to get to hold my precious phone.

  10. I love the tucked in look! (but also understand...)

  11. Love this outfit! So much fun to go back and see you and the Pirate in 2007.

  12. I love this outfit - so cute!

  13. I love that shirt/skirt combo! I agree, it's a cool French look. I would have commented earlier but I had a baby on the shoulder. :)


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