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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The 21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

One of the biggest challenges to staying at home is to not look like a total schlump (yes, I made that up.) It would be so easy to just wear yoga pants every day and not to care, and frankly, if we still lived in the old house I probably would. In fact, I'd be in my pajamas when Mike got home from work. But now that my job is staying home, I find that I am rebelling against the stereotype of a stay-at-home-mom who wears sweats and her husband's old shirts*. In June a friend and I made a pact to not wear pants (only skirts and the occasional pair of capris) for the entire month and crazily enough it's now August and you'll find me in a skirt almost every day. Granted, a lot of them are super casual and worn with a (non-printed) t-shirt. So when Kayla over at Freckles in April posted her 21 Day Challenge I decided to join in.

Here's how it works (description taken from the intro post):
For 21 days I will post a daily outfit prompt. Each Saturday I'll post the list of prompts for the week so you have some time to prepare, then the day before I'll put up a more detailed post with inspiration pictures.

Then, get dressed, take a picture and upload it to the 21 Day Challenge Flickr group* and/or blog about it and submit your link here on my blog. Cell phone pictures in bathroom mirrors are perfectly acceptable here (but if you want to go all out and take pictures in natural light and cool locations I will applaud you wildly).

I think I can do that. I just need to find a mirror that doesn't require that I stand on the toilet or edge of the bathtub...

(And did I mention there are prizes?) 

*If you know me in person you know that this is SO not me. I Do. Not. Wear. sweats. You will never find me at the Walmarts in sweatpants and an old T-shirt. But I still don't want to be all sloppy and look like I don't care.

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