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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Target, your pencils suck.

I recently had to sharpen The Pirate's school pencils, all 48 of them. We bought the Target home brand, Up & Up. Not one of the 48 pencils sharpened to a nice pretty point. They shredded or splintered or the lead inside was in tiny fragments that fell out. I would not enjoy writing a sentence with them, let alone a whole school year.

This is the first time I've been disappointed by the Target brand, but if I lived close enough I'd actually taken them back.

(found this in my drafts, thought I'd go ahead and post it!)

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  1. wow, that's APPALLING! In happier news, your hexies look AWESOME - I love how the patterns meet and they all "whirl" around.

  2. Hold on to them and take them back the next time you go.

  3. That's terrible. Everything is made so cheaply nowadays...

  4. Wow. That is awful. So disappointing.

  5. It is disappointing-after all sharpening pencils to a nice crisp point is one of the joys of back-to-school! I would also hang on to them and return them next time you go!

  6. that pencil situation is a TRAVESTY! i would email target customer service with a link to the post and ask what they will be able to do to reconcile this problem. :)


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