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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nine Years

Nine years ago today I moved to South Dakota.

Scooter girl

Yeah, that's how I feel about it too. Happy and a bit surprised to find myself standing here. I still think of myself as being from Alabama, but after nine years maybe I should start saying I'm from South Dakota. Hands down, best decision I ever made.

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  1. Time flies! She really took off with that walking thing, didn't she?

  2. I still think of you from Alabama, too. I cannot believe it has been nine years. Time sure does fly.

    PS. The Princess is getting too big.

  3. Best thing that happenned to South Dakota!

  4. Princess is so cute and getting so big! Glad you are happy about the move. It would be bad if you weren't. ;)

  5. Ha--did you move during bike week? Must have been a shock! Isn't it great to be at such peace with your decisions?

  6. She is getting so big! Nine years, wow! By the way, Little Man got his first Auburn shirt recently. Can not WAIT for football season.

    PS - Do whatever you want with your blog - it's YOUR blog! All I request is keep posting photos as I love photos.

  7. wow, alabama to south dakota? big move! i've visited both states (cousin went to auburn!) and they both had so much going for them. we traveled through south dakota on a road trip and were astounded by the S P A C E--it was just wide open out there! (we're from new jersey--7,000 square miles and 8 million residents. lol.


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