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Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Friday: Vacation Adventure and 21DC, Day 4

  • Yesterday's Challenge was "color blocking." I pretty much do this all the time. 
  • This is my only pair of shorts. I would have gone with a nice colored skirt for this challenge, except we took a mini-vacation to a kid's park and I wanted to be able to climb on the playgrounds with them.
  • Mike took the only picture of me yesterday. It has now traveled cell phone to cell phone to email to blog. This is as good as it gets, quality wise!
  • Clothing: Shorts: Target, Cami: Yard sale, Tshirt: Target, Sandals: Sanuks.
  • More on the trip later, because it seriously rocked. For a 24 hour trip.
  • We got home 3 hours ago and my children are seriously seriously cranky. I can not wait for bedtime.
  • We bought school supplies yesterday on the trip, and it wasn't nearly as much money as I expected.
  • I am slightly grumpy that I have to sharpen and writes his name on 48 pencils. But I assume you are all doing that too, right?
  • I am VERY grumpy that they require two boxes of 8 crayons. REALLY?? A box of 8 is $1.97 at Target. A box of 24 is like a quarter.  I almost just bought two boxes of 24 and picked out the appropriate ones. 
  • But decided to come home and check locally first, since we were out of our own school district.
  • School started Wednesday. Bring it on.
  • One more banner under works and then I'll have run out of banner orders. Do you need one? I'm going to feel adrift without one waiting on me.
What I'm Reading:
  • Faithful Place by Tana French. Not very far into it, but I'm realizing I really dislike the Irish slang stuff.

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  1. I love 24 hour vacations! So much easier to pack and plan for and it's enough of a break to revitalize me.

  2. Don't get me started on school supplies! lol I've dealt with them from both sides - as a parent and a "teacher". Ugh

    Glad you had a really nice get-away.

  3. I was all done with school shopping WAY before school started, but then The Boy is on a special academic team and they needed more stuff ($50 later), no kidding...

  4. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! Little vacations are the best in my opinion :) And I read In the Woods by French awhile back and really enjoyed it so I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Faithful Place.


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