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Friday, September 09, 2011

Random Friday: A detailed look at my weekly calendar and to do list

  • This school year I bought a planner and have been using it for a month. It shows a week at a glance with a section for my to do list, and a side bar for additional notes. (It's technically for menu planning, I don't use it for that.) It's ridiculously full each week, because I write a daily to do list on it, but it's really working out for me.  I tried to make notes for how I use it, but you'll have to click on it to see it bigger. The key turns out to be writing out my to do list in excruciatingly tiny detail. Each morning I make a new to do list, carrying over whatever didn't get done yesterday. It does not include things like laundry and feeding children. The section under the pirate ship are future blog posts, if I ever write them.  How would you tweak this to do list to fit your life? What am I missing? What could make it easier to get organized?
  • I dusted off the made by lisah blog yesterday, with a post of my Favorite Etsy finds of the past week. Pop on over and take a look!  (I also worked on sprucing up the sidebars and vacuuming the dust out of the corners.)
  • We're going to have a little friend staying with us a couple days a week. We've had her here twice now and I think it's going to work out well. She's a little younger than the Bug, but he still enjoys her company. We'll be calling her Little Bo Peep, just cause I think "Bo Peep" will be fun to type.
  • I've been lugging these 4 or 5 underbed boxes of paperbacks around with me for the last 12 years or so. As part of my storage unit clean out, I just purged 4/5 of them. I added them to my yard sale stacks, but honestly I can't imagine who is going to want to buy 15 -18 year old Harlequin romance novels, or other old, non-stellar, titles.  I did keep a handful of my favorites. (G, if you're worried, Jake's Mountain is safe!)  I also purged about 1/3 of our other books. I still have 2 or 3 boxes to go, but a lot of them are Mike's so I suspect they will stay put.
What I Read this week:
  • Finished Divergent by Veronica Roth. I loved it so much. Probably more than The Hunger Games.I might even review it.
  • Started The Help. In Large Print!! Kinda worried I'm not in the mood for something serious, which means the next one is really crazy...
  • Started Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I've been telling Trish I would read it and the anniversary of 9/11 seemed like a good time.
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  1. First of all - you are way too organized! LOL

    You will come to enjoy having another child in the house. They will entertain each other and give you time with Princess or free up some time to do other things.

    Hey, I love the really old Harlequins. Some are so bad, but others are quite informative.

  2. I think you'll be surprised at who will buy those old books. Have a great weekend!

  3. Haha, I requested the Help in large print, too, simply because it had the shortest wait. I'm still waiting on my copy. Good luck crossing items off the to do list - it's awfully satisfying!

  4. I don't think The Help or Extremely Loud are serious reads. They are about serious subjects but both are stories that make you want to keep reading to see what happens and don't feel heavy!

  5. I need to start a to-do list as well. I'm SO unorganized at times that it even drives me crazy :) I've been attempting to go thru my books as well in hopes of culling out a few (since I just bought a ridiculous amount from the Borders that is closing nearby).

  6. Ihave to know...did you find the wizard? It is not highlighted, but did not get moved down to the next day. Did we give up on finding him? Is he lost forever?

    I love your is making me want to find my planner! I have been using a dry erase board to organize my weeks, but I do adore planners.

    Btw..I miss talking. Maybe someday I will emerge from radio silence. And you are SO right....why would you serve Scott Cosent raw onions!

    :). Jake's Mountain...good times. I am culling my books in the next few weeks. It will be difficult releasing some of them.

  7. I do the same thing with my to-do list. If I write it down in minute detail then I get to cross so much more off and I feel better!

    Hope Bo Peep and The Bug enjoy each others company enough to not make having her there too much more work!

  8. I'm listening to The Help (having read the book and seen the movie) and LOVE it. How's EL&IC coming along? It's now my most recommended book. Coworker borrowed my copy over the weekend and devoured it. Loved it. I'm hoping you do too, Missy. ;)


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