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Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Friday: Wow. Friday?

  • You guys, I have no idea where this week went. I feel like I haven't stopped to breathe this week, yet can't tell you what we've been doing to be so busy.
  • Two questions: How often do you wash your bathmats? Where do you feed your pets?
  • Oh wait, three questions: How much does it cost to have pants hemmed?
  • I've been working on some new shop items for the craft show. In a few days I'm going to put up a poll (if I can figure out how) asking you folks to help me narrow it down. I can't spread myself to thin, but I have a hard time figuring out what would be popular.
  • My husband has been working 80 hour weeks, two in a row now. He claims he'll take Sunday off, but I think he is full of it.
  • We were supposed to have a yard sale this weekend, but see above statement.
  • The Pirate lost his second tooth this week.
  • Things are mostly going well with Bo Peep, I just need to figure out how to get her to need me a *little* less, for things she can certainly do herself.
  • Did you all read my post on couponing?
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  1. I laugh at your bathmat question! A few years ago (after I had been married a DECADE) I put our bathmats in the washer. My husband totally freaked out - claimed they would break the washer. He totally didn't believe that we could wash bathmats (never mind that I had been doing it without him knowing for a decade). I had to call a friend to talk to him. I am still wondering if he thought I let them sit there for ten years without washing them or what?! I try for every 3 weeks, but it is probably more like 4-5 before I wash them. I would love to know how often other people wash theirs. Am I waiting too long? Is that too disgusting?

  2. I love the picture of princess in her dress on the tractor. So perfect.

    I probably wash my bathmats once a month? Maybe more often than that? They're cream colored, so if Lexie lies on them then they get gunked up with her brown hair pretty quickly. Plus they start getting matted down because of the type of nap they have.

  3. I wash our bathmats once a month and feed our dog in the kitchen. I have no idea how much it costs to have pants hemmed. We've been through those 80 hour work weeks and they are no fun!

  4. Here, they ask for about $12 to hem pants unless they are a funky material and then it's more.

    My bath mats are washed every two months. But I have to be honest, the darker colored ones don't get washed as often.

    My dog is fed in the kitchen but her water bowl is in the family room. She seems to like her water separate from her food.

  5. 1. Do you mean the bathmats that you step on when you get OUT of the shower? For that we use a towel as a bathmat [like in hotels] and they get thrown in the laundry every couple of days with the other towels. INSIDE the shower--we have one of those rubbery grippy bathmats and that I scrub clean every week or two when I clean the girls' bathroom. We don't have one in our master shower stall because the floor is textured with river rock [more like stones] and is grippy enough like that.

    2. I feed our cats in the kitchen. They have their water and a bowl of dry food along a small section of wall that's out of the way. Their wet food is next to the stove that's also out of the way.

    3. In my NJ-NY Metro area, it costs about $10 for a basic hem.

    I saw the other pics of The Princess on flickr--SO SWEET!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Bathmats - when we used to use a "real" one, it and the other bathroom rugs were washed once a week - when I cleaned the bathroom. (I tried to have two sets.)

    The past several years, we've been using hand towels (large package of white ones purchased at Costco). These are usually used once then thrown in the laundry. (While they are damp, I usually wipe up the bathroom floor, so no one would want to use it again. yuck) I like using the white towels, because they can be bleached.

    The cats are fed in both bathrooms and my daughter's old bedroom. The dogs are fed in the living room, pantry, and the enclosed back porch. Dogs' water is in the kitchen, and the cats' water is in the bathroom. (Have to separate the animals when they eat, because they get to fighting. Drinking water doesn't seem to be a problem.)

    Sorry this is so long, but this is kind of funny. The cats won't eat their canned food "treat" unless my husband feeds it to them.

    Long weeks are the norm here. I've been tired of it for the last twenty years.


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