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Monday, October 10, 2011

Scenes from work at home Monday

Halloween Owl Change Purses in progress
The boys playing on the rocks, just before the bleeding head wound.

The Princess and Bo Peep on the porch

Laundry on one end, sewing on the other.

PS. Did you remember to enter the giveaway for your own owl pouch? You'll be able to choose a Halloween one if the others don't strike your fancy.


  1. It looks like it's cold there already! I hope the bleeding head wound is better.

  2. Bleeding Head Wound??? Yikes. I fell down the stairs on Saturday (thankfully not carrying Elle and thankfully just bumped down several steps on my butt), but boy does it hurt!

  3. OWL CHANGE PURSES!!!!!! Yay!

    And that bleeding head wounds sounds bad bad bad!

  4. Everything must be sort of okay or you wouldn't be posting. Which person got hurt? Stitches? I hope not. The purses are looking good.

  5. Love the pics of the kids!

    Don't like hearing about bleeding head wounds, though. Yikes.

  6. Those golden locks are outrageously gorgeous!


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