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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mystery Solved!

One of the quick and easy things that I like to make for the Princess to eat is frozen veggies, quickly thawed in hot water. She's a big fan of almost any veggie, but I often go for mixed veggies for variety (corn, peas, carrots, green beans.) She regularly eats the green beans first (weirdo) and then works on the rest until she is full. Then she sweeps it all on the floor where Scout finishes it off. (This is why you have a dog, right?)
The last couple meals I've noticed that she's done really well at eating everything. The poor dog patiently waits, and gets very little. Well.  The Princess doesn't have a regular high chair. She has a booster seat with a little tray, that attaches through a hole in the arm of the booster. Except we don't use the tray, we just push her up to the table, leaving a little hole in the arm of the chair.
I just, as I was sitting here, realized where the food is going. I am afraid to look.


  1. Too funny! Oh my, how do you even get the food back out of that little hole?

  2. LOL! I'm kinda scared for you to look as well :) We have a speaker at my house that my middle child used to hide things in...if you couldn't find the remote that was one of the first places to look.

  3. LOLOL!!!!

    My girls used to eat frozen mixed veggies like that, too. And froze blueberries, too.

    My youngest [now 12] used to hide things [not food, thank goodness] between the cushions in the sofa or behind the sofa pillows.


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