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Friday, February 17, 2012

Coupon codes, sleeping in school, new friends.

  • You guys remember Gone Reading? I mentioned them a couple months ago? They are offering a 25% off coupon code in hopes of making 2012 a record setting year. Use BOOKSLISTSLIFE25 on everything except bookends, good through March 13. There are a couple of shirts there that I wouldn't mind having.
  • The Pirate had his parent teacher conference today. It was mostly all good, except that he's started sleeping in class lately. He's six! He tells me it's because it's so BORING. Kid, tell me about it.  Just don't read ahead in your book, cause when it's your turn to read you'll have no idea what page you're supposed to be on.
  • The Princess has been sleeping much better this week, until this morning she woke up at 4:45 and was apparently up for the day.
  • The Bug, the Princess and I went to meet a new playgroup this week. It went very well, super friend people, some craftiness. The Princess enjoyed it so much she cried all the way home.
  • I spruced up the blog this week, so if you haven't stopped by, please do. I am eventually going to put pictures back into the header, once I have some recent ones of my boys.

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  1. It sounds like the Pirate needs more from school. It seems like the teacher could come up with something for him to do.

  2. Oh dear, bored at 6 is not a good start to the academic life. I always found school boring, too. They cater to the 'slower' students and then if you are beyond that you really are not challenged and then you get bored. My biggest thing was reading at the pace of the class...

  3. I like the new blog is very fresh! LOL to the Pirate sleeping during school. I'm not even sure what I would say to him...did you have a hard time not laughing when the teacher told you??? :P


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