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Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Friday: Kids and Books

  • Yesterday was Bo Peep's last day at our house. We had her favorite lunch- Doodles (Mac n cheese) and Dog Dogs (hot dogs), and we had cake for snack.  The Bug is going to miss her, even though he'd tell you otherwise.
  • To make up for it, I've chased down a playdate for us next Wednesday. This is a brand new group of moms and kids, so I'm completely nervous, but he's going to love it.
  • The Pirate has been banned from checking out any more books at the school library until he returns the ones he has. This sounds familiar.
  • I have fallen madly in love with this quilt and am planning to make it soon.  I'm also pondering making a "quiet book" to take to church with us.
  • After months (17 of them!) of not sleeping all night, the Princess finally slept all night the night before last. Of course, she didn't last night, but it's progress.

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    1. It sounds like definite progress with the Princess!

    2. Hooray for sleeping through the night! Hope she figures it out for good soon.

    3. I don't stash a book in the bathroom, I bring in whatever I am currently reading, and when my kids were younger they knew where to find me when I disappeared!!!

    4. A quiet book!!!!!! I had one of those when I was a kid and now my kids have it. Please, share pictures if you do this...I would just love to see them! And hooray for a full night's sleep!!!!

    5. I LOVE that quilt, too!!!

      My girls had a quiet book that they spent hours and hours reading and doing... it had pieces to move and count and what not.

      Eventually kids sleep through the night ... and the morning too if you let them. [teens]


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