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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Nook Color, part one: I haz a Nook!

For my birthday, Mike suprised me with a Nook Color! It was completely out of the blue and unexpected. I was pretty content with reading books on my iPhone, but he thought I needed an e-reader.


(Ignore the dog, the grill and the mess in that picture. It's really hard to take a picture of a Nook. They are very reflective.)

I decided that it definitely needs a cover, so that I don't immediately scratch it up, and found this terrific free tutorial online.

The Nook

I choose to use a hair elastic for the closure instead of a piece of twine, and I used fusible fleece for the batting, but only because that's what I had. In hindsight, I wish I'd done a double layer.

The Nook in its new case.

I made the case about 1/2" longer than directed, as she indicated that the reader in the picture was slightly smaller.

Nook with books

The Stand has some competition now.

The Stand and the Nook.

Stay tuned for The Nook Color, part two: my thoughts on the Nook itself.


  1. Yay!! He did good!

    Love the cover. Be careful about the kids stepping on it. For that reason, my Kindle is in a hard case.

  2. What a great gift! I hope you enjoy it!!

  3. Wow - what a great gift! Love the cover, too.

  4. What an awesome gift!!! Happy belated birthday :) Enjoy!

  5. How sweet! I hope you love it!

  6. Adorable. I made one very similar for my Nook Color. I didn't have a pattern or tutorial so I was making it up as I went along. Wish I had thought of the elastic closure.

    When I first bought my Nook, I paid $40 for a leather case but found it to be too bulky and the front flap (like a book cover) became annoying. This one is much more convenient and fits nicely in my purse/tote. Hope you love your Nook as much as I do mine!

  7. Hooray!! It's always nice to be surprised :)

  8. How cool! I hope you like your Nook. I got a classic nook for my birthday a couple of years ago and love it. Although, I confess I like my Kindle Fire a little more. I imagine the Nook Color is similar to the Kindle Fire. Can't wait to read what you think of it!

  9. Sooo cute! Love the elastic hook closure too

  10. What a cool cover. I am reading The Stand on my Kindle and what a the ease of transportation...LOL

  11. And once again so jealous of your sewing skills!

  12. Wait--is it reflecting the sky and the trees in that picture? I assumed it was a screen saver.


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