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Friday, June 01, 2012

Soccer, Summer, Lego, Buffy

May 28. Soccer.

  • I think that maybe it's finally going to be summer. It feels like today is finally warm enough with everyone healthy to consider it summer vacation.
  • Have you tried Sobe Lifewater Pacific Coconut? I'm obsessed. Best drink on earth.
  • There is a rumor that we are going to see Snow White and the Huntsman tonight. I don't want to jinx that tho.
  • The Pirate is obsessed with Lego videos. It seems the most boring thing on earth to me, but there are people who build giant Lego kits and then make surprisingly long and detailed videos of said creations. The Pirate has started making his own videos and I'm putting them on YouTube for him. I can't bring myself to watch them, but maybe you'd enjoy it. (Also, please let me not be yelling in the background or anything awful.) (His are maybe even more boring than his inspiration.)
  • In other internet news, Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay, wrote this terrific post about how Buffy saved her life, my friend Amy (not My Friend Amy) did a stitchbomb on a fence in San Francisco, how cool is this?, annnnnd, that's all the links I saved.
In Bookish News:


    1. The Lego video of Monty Python and the Holy Grail is fun. I bet you would like that one... I think it is pretty cool, anyway. :)

    2. I'm going to watch The Pirate's video now. I think that's a great thing for him to be obsessed with!

    3. aw, I loved The First Husband, too! And I'm reading The Stand.

    4. I thought I had bought a copy of The Stand recently, but I can't find it! And my local Chapters doesn't have it - I checked twice this week, or I'd join in the readathon, as I've been thinking about reading it anyway. Oh darn! I hope you enjoy it again (it would be a reread for me also).

      I went to Gayle's post about Buffy, what an amazing post, you are so right. Thanks for linking to it. Buffy saved alot of lives, and continues to do so, I find.

      I hope you enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman.

    5. That's hilarious about the lego videos! My 4 yo does the same thing with Minecraft videos, and had me make one of him narrating today! I'll have to show him the lego ones.

    6. Yay for rereading Key of Light! I just reread that trilogy and really enjoyed it. I'm actually reading for the 1st time Blue Dahlia which is also a Roberts trilogy. Have you read it?? I'm not very far in yet but I'm hoping it's good! I think that Snow White and the Huntsmen looks like a really good movie so I hope that you get the chance to go :)

    7. How was the movie?!?!?! We tried to watch Bugsy (from the 90s) but I fell asleep. Shocker. ;)

    8. I want to know about Snow White and the Huntsman also. I love it that The Pirate loves Lego videos-far more interesting than other wacky stuff he could find.


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