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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chevron baby quilt or Half Square Triange (HST) quilt

I finished up the Princess's baby quilt a full month ago. I made half square triangles and laid them out in a chevron pattern. I really love the fabric, it's got little red riding hood and some trees, and little foxes and birds and mushrooms and cherries. It's flat out adorable.

 I was very excited to show it to you all, but I kept running into problems. First, I store stuff under her crib, so I had to crop that out. And there's a curtain rod in the corner there. And since she doesn't have her own room, she doesn't have cute matching bedding.

So then I thought I'd just show you the pictures from when I gave it to her. She really loved it. But she wouldn't LOOK at me.

 She carefully spread it out flat.

 Then she wrapped herself up in it like a little burrito.
She wandered around the house for a while, at which point I gave up on having nice cute baby with the quilt photos.

This morning, I thought I'd try again. First I went with the lovingly draped over the couch shot. A quick preview showed me that that would require too much house cleaning. (Why yes, there IS a stick there on the floor. It's really a bow, don't you know?)
Then I considered doing it on my bed, which is reliably the only clear flat spot in our house. But my bedding turned the pretty white, gray and pink quilt yellow. And was too busy anyway.
At this point I was tired of being a fancy pants photo blogger and said to hell with it! They can see it just fine on the couch.
Maybe after we move and she has her own pretty pink and gray and white bedroom, I'll try again.


  1. This is adorable, Lisa! I love chevron quilts and Aneela Hooey's fabric is so perfect for a little girl quilt. Bravo!

  2. The fact that she loves it is all that matters. It's gorgeous!

  3. I love the quilt! Especially with a baby burrito in it!

  4. Hiphip!! It looks great, and I know it must feel awesome to see the Princess enjoying it so much! You'd think that taking a picture of an inanimate object that doesn't move on its own would be easier, but no. don't stress out too much about them, though - I think the crib photos are quite flattering towards the quilt. Hope she wears it out!

  5. So so so many things I love about this post (because heaven knows I very carefully skirt the messes in my house when taking pictures), but mostly I love the quilt and the princess wrapped like a burrito.

  6. Such a pretty quilt, Lisa! Love the post and clearly The Princess loves the quilt.


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