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Friday, October 05, 2012

Happy Brithday Books Lists Life!

  • Books. Lists. Life. is six tomorrow! Amazing.
  • The last couple days went from the 80s to the 40s, with low 30s at night here. A little more gradual easing into winter next time, please, South Dakota.
  • I had this crazy dream last night where we found a house to move into, but the rooms were SO hard to use. Like the one that would be the Princess's had a working fireplace and two installed gas heaters, so there was no place to put a crib and we had to figure out how to disable some of them. And the boys room was long and narrow and full of windows. It was...weird.
  • Speaking of houses, it is likely that we have FINALLY found one. It will be available in February. Or April. So maybe we keep looking. (This one is almost perfect tho, if we can wait it out.)
  • I am SO ready for a little more space. We need to be able to get away from each other. I want to sew without losing stuff because it's stored everywhere.
  • If you haven't thought about it yet, this month's theme on Where in the World are you Reading? is cafe/ coffee shop/ diner. Head over to Trish's blog to link up.

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  1. Congratulations! I know what you mean about the quick arrival of winter. Hopefully its just temporary and we can get back to fall.

  2. Congrats! 6 years is an achievement! I'm a "class of 2006" blogger too.

  3. Happy birthday to Books. Lists. Life.! My goodness what a lot of personal changes you've been through in that time! Hope you don't have to wait so long for a house - but at least it's something to look forward to. And I'll bet it doesn't have a room with a fireplace and two heaters without room for a crib.

  4. Happy blogiversary (now a day late). That's a great accomplishment!

  5. Happy blogversary Lisa! (I never know how to spell that by the way :P ) That is such an amazing accomplishment! In other news, I hope you are able to find a house as well. I can't tell you how much I appreciate some quiet time to myself when the kids are playing outside or downstairs. Together. Nicely. It is a rarity but oh so precious :) Congrats again!!

  6. Hey! Happy birthday to your blog. :) Six years. Crazy that I've known you for five and a half of those.

    House! That sounds very very exciting.

  7. Happy birthday to your blog! And I'm totally late getting here which makes me an ass. Arrgh!


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