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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Sewing and crafting, a photo essay

Finally I can show you guys a couple things I made! It sure did seem like a lot more while I was actually sewing....

First up, a couple of Reading pillows for my nieces. These are huge pillows, 18" square, with a pocket on the front to tuck your book into and a handle for carrying. I suspect I'll be making three more for my own kids.

Reading pillow

I didn't have another pillow form on this one, so it didn't get a formal photo shoot, dang it.

Read pillow

Then for my sister-in-law, this gorgeous pillow, if I do say so myself:

gathered pillow (green)

And another for my BFF:

Gathered pillow

Which is a lot squarer than it looks, but since most of my photo shoots turn out like this, you're lucky to see it at all:

How most of my photo shoots turn out

For our other niece, I made another one of the plaid purses:

Poachers bag for niece.

Totally crappy picture there, but at this point I was lucky to take one at all.

Then for the grandparents, I made photo canvases, using the tutorial found here:

Photo canvases.

Sorry, I failed to take a picture of them completely dry. They turned out GREAT. Unlike the tutorial, I added another layer of mod podge on top at the end.

We also made salt dough ornaments, but the only picture I took was this one, with Pajama Boy, Spiderman, and the Pantsless Wonder:

Making salt dough ornaments

They turned out about as well as you'd expect with that crew.

And for the Pirate's Christmas party, some Brownie Trees:

Tree brownies!
More tree brownies!

And last, some Christmas sewing NOT by me- a Christmas dress made by my grandmother, at least 30 years ago:

Hand smocked Christmas dress

Really, I should try to take a nice formal picture of that one, but who are we kidding?


  1. You were creative and busy! I love the reading pillows!!

  2. The reading pillows are SOOOO cute!!! Love it all.

  3. How you find time to do all you do amazes me. Love the gifts you made. The pictures are the most special, tho. :)

  4. OMG I love those pillows!!! Easy to make? Ruffles scare me. Ok, so anything that is not block piecing scares me. And even piecing I'm not great at because I'm impatient and move too quickly. :)

    What kind of Mod Podge. There's like 10 million kinds at hobby lobby (matte finish?)

  5. Oh and the Brownies. And the READ pillow. And the princess sleeping on the couch. Sorry--got distracted by Mod Podge momentarily...


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