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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Playing catchup

Holy smokes those shoes stink.

  • I missed Friday. I knew it was Friday, but I couldn't make myself write coherent sentences.
  • I have starting putting some of my shop items at our local mall for consignment this Christmas. It's a really great deal for me, but in return I'm volunteering my time at the shop so  that the owner can have a smidge of a life. I've already sold a bit of stuff and had a handful of custom orders. I took this little batch of zipper wallets up to the store today- at $5 each I really hope they fly off the shelf.

  • Today I'm headed to the local thrift store for quarter day. I can't wait! It's once a month, all clothes are $.25. It's always completely crowded and I always come home with a bunch of stuff I end up not being able to use, but it still ends up a bargain. And, best part? I get to go ALL BY MYSELF.
  • On Thursday we took the Bug to Sioux Falls to have a suspicious lump on his arm looked at. The doctor did a biopsy and he has two little stitches. He is SO angry at the doctor, and at us. We get lab results back in 8 days, so any good thoughts his way would be really appreciated. 
  • Things on the bar in my kitchen are literally a foot deep. This is a function of my sewing all the time and being gone all the time and OUTGROWING THIS LITTLE APARTMENT. I can not wait to move. We have so many things that we just CAN'T put away, as there is no where else to PUT things, except in long term storage, and that's so hard to manage.
What I Read This Week:
  • Hell if I know. I didn't finish anything.


  1. A biopsy is so nerve wracking. I'm sending tons of positive thoughts the Bug's way.

  2. Aww, I hope everything turns out well for the Bug! Good luck on the holiday sales!! Did you find any good stuff @ the thrift shop? I dropped off a few boxes of stuff the other night and decided to "stroll through", just to see what I could see. I ended up buying enough clothes for a week. Granted, they were a great deal, but I really need to check myself.

  3. Sounds like you had quite the week! Sorry to hear about what Bug is going through..hopefully you get good news asap. I love the idea of going by myself is such a rarity these days. LOL! I hope that next week goes much smoother for you :)

  4. Where did you find that strawberry shortcake fabric?? I saw one like it online but it didn't seem like it was available yet. I'd love to make my daughter a pillowcase for Christmas!

  5. Ooh, I see it on Etsy. Is it from Joanne's...? Inquiring minds must know. :)


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