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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where in the World are you Reading: Unusual Reading Spots. #wwread

This month's theme for Where in the World Are You Reading is: Unusual Reading spots. This seems like a tricky one for someone like me, who never ever leaves the house in the winter. I still read in the car, and I'd LOVE to read on the porch, but our porch is two feet deep in snow, so all my reading is done inside.  The second problem I have is this: Apparently, if I step away from my laptop for even a moment, the world will end. It's true!  Ok, in all honesty this isn't true. I do step away, I just rarely SIT anywhere but at my laptop. That's why this is my unusual spot:

Unusual reading spot
Yep, that's my laptop, and my seat.  If I'm sitting down at home, I'm likely sitting here.  Our apartment is pretty small, really only three rooms. There are children in every room, all the time. So I sit at my computer in the center of the main room, and can see pretty much everything they are getting into. And once I've read the Entire Internet, I read my books.

Do you do all your reading sitting on the floor? I do a good bit sitting on the floor in the kids' room. GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!! In fact, just a few days ago you would have found this scene:

No, you may not go in. The kids can't come out either. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
Look closely, you'll see the book in my hand.  Yes, I'm reading sitting on the floor outside the closed door to my kid's room.  It's bedtime, despite what those heathens inside the room think, and I am guarding the room. The cats are confused.   (I call this photo: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS.") PS. I did not take this picture for this post, and actually forgot I took it until I was scrolling through my camera roll.  PPS. Ignore the ratty pajamas.

What unusual place do you use for a reading spot? Do you sit on the floor too? Do you read in a tree house? A tent? An igloo? Do you prefer the comfy chair in your kid's room to the couch? Let us know and then link up over here on Trish's post!

If you're new to the game, Where in the World Are You Reading is a monthly themed meme cohosted by Kelly, Trish, and myself. A Linky Post will publish the first Thursday of each month, and you can submit your post any time before the last Thursday in order to be included in the monthly wrap-up post. Posts do not have to contain pictures, but that always makes it fun. Feel free to fit it in with any other meme you're currently participating in. (Totally stole that last paragraph from Trish. Love you!)


  1. Ok, you need to get a rug outside the kids' room so you're not sitting on the WOOD!!! Ouchie!

    Your kitties are very pretty.

  2. Oddly enough, I sit at my desk to read quite often too.

    1. I do that sometimes too. Mostly because I pick it up to read just a couple of pages and end up sitting there.

  3. At home, I am typically in my room on my bed or in the family room on the couch. But at work, I will read anywhere there is peace and quiet and on a college campus, it's hard to find places like that without smoker's or cell phone talkers pissing me off. So...I have been known to sit on the ground under a tree, or in a hallway under the stairs (like a troll!) I also have a fold up chair I can cart around but I always look so stupid carrying it around.

  4. I love this. This will be me in a few days when Greyson's "big boy" bed arrives in the house and he moves into his very own room. He's made a habit lately of waking up in the middle of the night -- just because -- going back to sleep on the couch, and I sneak back off to my own bed. I see some cold floors in my future.

  5. I may have to drive down to my summer reading spot to take a pick for this. Too cold right now to read in my car. I used to do the hall sit - my boys would not go to sleep while they shared a room!

  6. I do most of my reading in the bedroom. I would love to get a comfy chair and put it next to the window in the office. It is a quite spot that faces the back yard.
    I never sit on the floor. It is not peaceful. The chihuahua and dog fight for my attention. Yikes.

  7. Trying to figure out whether you are guarding the kid's bedroom door from monsters and witches getting IN or to guard the door so the kid's don't get OUT. Either way, you're such a good momma. xo


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