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Friday, February 08, 2013

Fresh veggies in the winter? wha...?

First co-op basket! Great value.

  • We got our first co-op veggie basket on Saturday. I'm so thrilled with the value of this thing! Look at all that yummy food! (All that's left are the cucumbers, radishes, a couple tomatoes and the green beans.)
  • I've developed quite the Songza habit lately. I turn it on to wake up the kids and leave it on until lunch. I just swapped over to some Zydeco for Mardi Gras.
  • I went back to the gym to actually work out last night. I've been going twice a week for my volunteer shift, but working out had kinda gotten lost. I only made it two miles, but it felt gooooooood. And this morning, slightly painful. I'm planning to pick back up with the Couch to 2K program, but Zombies, Run! looks pretty awesome too.
  • Winter storm warning predicts a foot or more of snow Saturday night and Sunday. I am over it.
  • Lots of battles this week because certain two year olds do not understand that some tvs don't actually have Diego (Netflix) and some do. Made extra confusing because sometimes the tvs that don't have Diego, do have Diego, because it just happens to be on.
  • I started a pinboard for the Princess's new room at the new house. Feel free to make suggestions. And yes, I saw this, but I'm aiming for realistic here! It's a rental! Exclamation point!
What I Read This Week:
  • South Dakota Outlaws and Scofflaws. For the History Book Club. This is super quick and interesting, but a wee bit disjointed. More on this when I finish.
  • Infinite West: Travels in South Dakota by Fraser Harrison. Only about a quarter of the way done.
  • Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly. I didn't mean to start this one, but I have it on my phone and I was trapped in the boys' bed, futilely trying to get someone to go to sleep. It is not impressive and I may not finish.
  • What I didn't read this week? Code Name Verity and Days of Blood & Starlight . I felt guilty keeping them out past their due dates (ok, like 3 days late) and both were Inter-Library Loans, so I returned them. I'll have to re-request them later. Plus, I have so many books that aren't late that will be late, so something had to go back.


  1. It looks like we're going to have a snowless winter and that makes me very happy. I hope you weather the storm well!

  2. That app looks amazing. I gave up on couch to 5k and was going to get going again this month... but Zombies Run! looks so much more fun!!!

    I am so over the snow too. Yeah, blizzard. Cool. All that means now is a ton of shoveling. Ugh. I need a snow blower. Thanks upstate NY.

    I just saw Waking Up Married on a Kindle Freebie list, haven't snagged it and now I doubt I will. I get annoyed with clogging up my Kindle Library with junky freebies.

  3. Your veggie basket looks great! So glad you liked it.

    We are getting hit with a blizzard in the NY metro area as I type this! I love a good snow dump! As long as everyone is safe and has power, at least. We have a ski day planned for Sunday so this is pretty fortuitous!

  4. Oh my, I love that tutu table! I think Miss H would still love to have one of those even at 18 years old!

    You really did score big with your fresh produce. Sorry to hear about so much more snow heading your way. It's coming to us as rain which is just peachy with me.

  5. This time of year, we (except may the skiers) are all soooo tired of winter. Haven't checked the weather to see how much snow you received. Hope it wasn't as bad as predicted. LOVE the castle. The fresh fruit and veggies look wonderful.

  6. The fresh veggies look wonderful. So expensive this time of year here. Have a great week Lisa; watch out for tall snow mounds:)


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