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Friday, February 15, 2013

Random again? Must be Friday.

Little House on the Prairie Read-a-long!

  • The Little House on the Prairie Read-a-long is official! Join us here- it's very laid back, no pressure, one book a month.
  •  Hands down the best Harry Potter video I've seen. Makes me want to sit down and watch the whole series back to back. This is seriously well done, don't skip it if you are at all a Potter fan.
  • Mike brought home a little flower for his baby girl for Valentine's. She carried it around with her, in it's vase, until it was time to go to the sitter (not a hot date, sadly, parent teacher conference) and then took it with her in the car. It's not clutched to her person this morning, but neither is it still in it's safe location. Sweet little girl.
  • Parent teacher conferences were last night. The Pirate is doing great academically, but could be doing better if he paid slightly better attention. He gets bored, and then he gets lazy, and skips lines and writes messily. I'm not sure how to convince him to focus on things he doesn't enjoy.

What I Read This Week:
  • South Dakota Outlaws & Scofflaws. Review here.
  • Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. For the Read-a-Long! I'm not done yet, but will be soon. You can look forward to that on Tuesday. 
  • A Good American by Alex George for BlogHer Book Club. I've already been warned that this will be a freezer book, I'm 140 pages in and so far it's only mildly sad.
  • The Lady Most Willing...: A Novel in Three Parts by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway. It was ok. Brief review already written, to be posted... sometime soon?
  • Following the lead of Ti, I made up a lovely spreadsheet of due dates and publication dates of books I have coming up soon. At least now when I stray from the book I'm supposed to be reading, I can see exactly how much extra work I'm making for myself.  (What was that I just said about the Pirate and focus?) I really need to lock myself in a room with a stack of books for a week. Also, Mike is kicking my butt in the books read competition this year. Dang new job that only makes him work 40 hours a week.


  1. They held parent-teacher conferences on Valentine's Day? I think that's odd. My dad gave me candy every single Valentine's Day until he passed away. I remember getting small heart shaped boxes when I was small and being just as thrilled with the box as I was with the candy.

  2. Love the video!

    I picked up Little House in the Big Woods at the library on my way home last night. Looking forward to starting it over the weekend.

  3. I need to do a spreadsheet, too. I'm forever forgetting dates for review books and leaving myself only a couple of days to read the entire book.

  4. BlogHer book club? Must look into that.

    is it ok that I join the read-a-long as of book 4? Or 3 if yous skip Farmer Boy. I read the others too recently - could definitely participate in the discussion though!

  5. I like how big that print is! And are there multiple pictures? :)

    So sweet about Princess's Flower.

  6. That HP video is one of my all-time favorites... I always get chills!

  7. What an amazing video! Makes me want to tread it all over again. But instead I might get into the read-along of Little House on the Prairie...


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