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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Book Report 1

The family that reads together...

I haven't blogged much lately, and honestly I don't mind. I'm not writing a post to apologize. Life is crazy busy these days as we try to figure out our new routines. Mike seems to be out of town more than he is IN town, and even on their best days three kids are a lot of work. But I do miss being able to go back and look at what I've been reading week to week. In an effort to help myself remember, I’m instituting a new recurring blog post- the Book Report. I’d like to do it weekly, but honestly, it may be less often. It’ll be pretty fluid, depending on what happened in my reading life, but I do love to go back and look at what I was reading, so I don’t forget.

Currently Reading:

A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare. I’m totally reading this series out of order, but I have it on good authority it won’t matter. Dare’s style is witty and humorous without being completely slapstick. Minerva is smart and not afraid to be different.
Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts. I wasn’t expecting to be reading this chunkster just now, but it came up at the library and of course it has a wait list, so I am. I am nearly done, and enjoying it tremendously.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J K Rowling. The boys and I are reading this at bedtime. They both know the story fairly well, thanks to the movies and the Wii games, but this is the first time we’ve attempted the books. 
American Savage by Dan Savage. This one is about sex, faith, and politics. I'm reading it on the Nook during my work breaks and it's a bit of a disconnect to read about s-e-x at work! Thankfully, it's not a how-to!

Recently Finished:

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson. Another unrenewable library book. Didn't enjoy it quite as much as book one, but can't wait to see where she goes with the ending.

Coming up next!

 By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder. For the Read-a-long, which I think is dying a slow, quiet death, but I feel like I should read the South Dakota ones! This one should have already been read, but it didn't happen.  See: Currently Reading.

I have a ton of other interesting NetGalley books waiting in the wings, but I just ran out of time before I could decide what might be next, whoops! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but at least you go links!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these? What are you reading next?


  1. Good luck with all your transitions and changes!

    Tell me if I should read the Dan Savage book. I like books about faith, but have no interest if all he does is mock the religious right.

    Did you see Maureen Johnson's twitter challenge to change the genders of book covers? It is brilliant. It's on HuffPo (and when I recommend something on HuffPo, it HAS to be good!).

  2. I'm sure your life is crazy but in a good way! I'm reading The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan.

  3. Just glad to know you are okay. You are amazing to do all that you do.

    I have been reading Reunion: A Search for Ancestors by Ryan Littrell. Parts are very depressing and violent (Scottish history), so I can only read a chapter or two at a time.

  4. Have you unpacked all your books yet?? I just finished Wind-up Bird and think I'm going to start Great Gatsby. Hoping I can fly through it since I just listened to it last month (book club is reading it). I think it's so fun that you're reading to the boys but I'm sure it also gets exhausting, too. If you ever need some encouragement, let me know and I'll start singing Snape Snape Severus Snape for you. :)

  5. There are lots of "read to me" apps available. I used them when I was super busy and wanted the girl to listen to a book, rather than watch TV. You should check them out. I'd set her up and then clean the house. Not fun for me but fun for her.

  6. Wow, you're busy but you're still a reading machine. And you have three times the kids I do! I'm a light weight.

  7. Now I think I did read By The Shores of Silver Lake - although I honestly can't remember which ones I did read. My sister-in-law was going to give the full set to Miss H when she was little and then stopped after three books. I'd thought we'd read them all together but Miss H didn't even like having books read to her, so...


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