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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Run Run Running Run Run

This winter when things were pretty darn cold and grim Mike and I rejoined the YMCA. He'd been working out at his office gym for a while, but the cold and the relentlessness of winter were starting to get to me as well.  At first we skipped around from machine to machine, mostly doing cardio but also playing a little raquetball and admiring the weights.  Slowly, we started to focus more on running, in preparation of our first 5K in May.  We both got Fitbits and became obsessive about tracking our steps.  We started using MyFitnessPal to track calories as well, tho that's fallen aside a bit. Mike has lost a lot of weight. (Think of a big number, now double it.) While I haven't lost weight, I am in much much better shape and have toned up a lot. (I kinda hate the word "tone".) We can both now run 3 miles without stopping and without dying. I am incredibly proud of us both. The biggest issue, by far, is figuring out WHEN to run. My children aren't quite capable of keeping up, and they don't all ride bikes. Plus this is South Dakota, where it's still freezing in the mornings before work. (Literally, freezing.)

The Fitbits have been very inspiring. I have the Fitbit Flex, which is the bracelet that does not cause a skin rash. You sleep in it, shower in it, wear it all the time. I rarely forget it, unless it's charging, which it does about once a week. It tracks steps, miles, sleep and "active minutes." Mike has the Zip, which is your basic pedometer. It doesn't track sleep and you have to remember to pick it up every morning, but it never needs charged.  His was about half the cost of mine.  They both sync wirelessly to bluetooth devices (not to the iPhone 4, sadly, but to the iPad) or your laptop. Just like any other internet application these days, you can have a friends list and taunt or congratulate each other. Right now we only have each other, so if you have a Fitbit, come find me!

We both agree that the pleasure of running is up and down. Some days we hate every single step. Some days you finish with the legendary runner's high. There's really just no way to predict which way the day will go. We both find that the good days outweigh the bad ones tho, and we are both obsessive about getting a chance to run and browsing for running gear. I've found myself reading running memoirs and talking about it way too much to people who don't care at all. We are both very excited about the race next weekend (May 17th) and just hope to not be dead last.  I have always always wanted to be a runner but have never managed to do it long enough for it to stick. I'm optimistic that this will be a lifelong habit. I look forward to the day that all the kids can ride a bike along with me, so that finding time to run is no longer a giant challenge.

How about you? Do you run? Do you want to? What kind of exercise regimen has "stuck" for you? Do you think I'm completely insane? (Don't answer that one.)


  1. Here I am on Fitbit

    genou on the Well

  2. Yay for y'all! I don't run but I walk. I love my fitbit - it has really motivated me. I'm bermudaonion on there.

  3. The weather is really killing my exercise lately. I am sick of the treadmill, but it will not stop raining! And it is still really cold here in the morning, too. I need to get back on track. I can't remember what I am on FitBit... Kailana? Bookishnerd? I will have to check. haha

  4. I could probably write a book about my relationship with exercise. I went from a kid who hated PE at school to someone that religiously works out on my own. Some days I hate it. Many times I sort of dread it. But I feel great when it's done. I was never a runner and after my first child was born we bought a treadmill so I could walk on it. My husband planned to use it for running. Only, I started running. I still remember the first time I ran 8 miles one morning. I was so impressed with myself. Then that sort of became routine. Running on the treadmill has become something I enjoy. I love that I can exercise and my kids are just in the next room. When I started this there was no way I could have been gone running since they were too young to watch themselves. Now they could stay by themselves, but I have a nice book rack on my treadmill and can read entire novels while exercising. I do mix it up a bit. I have an elliptical and also an Airdyne bike that I use at home. And, I am taking a Next Level Fitness class three times a week. I don't want to give up running entirely but I do like the fact that the class pushes me more than I push myself and it has me working different parts and muscles I would never even think of.
    Good luck with your race this weekend!

  5. Good luck with your race! I attempted running for awhile a few years ago but my knees informed me I was not a runner. I walked for awhile but what seems to stick for me the best are exercise videos - especially the blogilates on YouTube.

  6. I have always hated running, ever since I can remember I hated it. Now all of a sudden I have the desire to run a 5K. I turn 30 next year and have decided that I WILL run a 5K at some point that year. Now I have to get my booty off the couch and get myself into gear so I can actually run it and not kill myself, haha! Good luck with your race!


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