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Friday, February 06, 2015

Random Friday, Pippi and podcasts

My very own Pippi Longstocking.

  • This is the season of the podcast for me. I have become addicted to them.Unfortunately, while I am in the car several times a day, none of my drives are more than a couple miles so it takes a very long time to listen to anything. I'm loving Books on the Nightstand; Another Mother Runner; How to do Everything; Dear Bitches, Smart Authors. Anything else I should be listening to?
  • We had Parent Teacher Conferences last night. The boys are both doing great, but I have to brag a bit on the Bug- he struggles a lot with emotion and behavior, but is incredibly smart. You know how when they do really well on standardized tests they get a little dot in the 99th percentile area? One of his dots was an arrow pointing off the chart. And half way through first grade he's figuring out 3rd grade math unassisted. And I didn't expect the Pirate's teacher to say that she was constantly having to take books away from him in class so he would do his work. I'm thrilled to hear it, wish he'd read more at home!
  • I started training for another half marathon this week. Unfortunately, between sub-zero temps and work obligations I only managed two of the four runs. Here's hoping the weekend and next week will be better. Mike bought me these cool ice cleat things for my shoes, so that should help.

Book Report!

What I Read This Week:

  • The Man Who Killed Kennedy. I finished this one. I need to review it, but I'm waiting until after Book Club.
  • Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson. This was a very eye-opening look at the prison system and death row and something very cool happened as I was reading it, more on that in my review.
  • Is This What You Just Put In Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo. I've only started this collection of essays, but I think I'm going to enjoy it.

New books on my e-shelf:

Up next:


  1. Yay for your boys! It sounds like the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree with them.

  2. I love that hair--guessing it does that naturally from the curl? And great news for the boys!! Maybe there is hope for E1 yet (I think she and Bug would make quite a match with their emotions...).

    And you are a rockstar! Today I'm at home with a flu-girl and I REALLY want to make myself work out. It's bad when your child squishes your tummy and asks what you have in there. Sitting behind a desk all day is decidedly not good for me. Those ice picks scare me a bit! How does it feel running on them?

  3. So glad the kiddos are doing well, and that must might be the cutest ponytail ever. You run in ice, girl. You are bad ass.

  4. Nope. Not running or living anywhere that involves ice cleats. Not happening. That's awesome about the kids though. I'm not sure if I like Bug's test scores or the fact that the Pirate is reading for fun! Both are awesome.

  5. It has been minus a lot lately... I couldn't imagine running in it... Good luck!


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